Flooftonymy (floofinition) –  A figure of floof speech consisting of using the name of an object or concept for that of another with which it is associated.

In use: “When Baskins didn’t return home according to his usual practice, the dogs wondered what had happened to the can opener, a flooftonymy commonly employed by the pack for a human who regularly feeds them.”


Floofbilly (floofinition) – An unsophisticated animal from a backwoods area.

In use: “The movie,  The Beverly Floofbillies, and subsequent telefloofsion series by the same name, was a comic send up of floofbillies attempting to reason with a wealthier, shallower world through the lenses of their own simple culture.”

My Chemical Floofmance

My Chemical Floofmance (floofinition) – A Floof Jersey floof rock (flock band). Founded in 2001, the band combined goth influences in their stage personae and floof punk (flunk), emo, pop punk, and attic rock (defined as things that you hear somewhere in the house that you’re not sure about).

In use: “My Chemical Floofmance’s third studio album, My Floof Parade, featuring the songs “Welcome to the Floof Parade” and “Famous Floof Words”, was certified double platinum in the UFA and the United Floofdom.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Good morning, good day, good evening, and goo night.

Today’s free association link arrives from doubt. Writing doubt plagues me. I injoy what I write but is the shite fit for human consumption, or will someone lock it all away in order to save humanity?

There is also doubts about civilization, the onrushing ‘merican elections, the POTUS’ state of mind, and life, generally.

Many songs, groups, and albums featuring doubt flit n and out of the conscious stream. Only Death Cab for Cutie’s 2011 song, “You Are A Tourist”, glommed on.

When there’s a doubt within your mind
Because you’re thinking all the time
Framing rights into wrongs
Move along, move along
When there’s a doubt within your mind

When there’s a burning in your heart
And you think it’ll burst apart

Or there’s nothing to fear
Save the tears, save the tears
When there’s a burning in your heart

h/t to Genius.com.

The song is like progressive alt to me, which I suppose is akin to autobiographical fiction, magical realism, and new adult fiction. It’s a sunnyish, upbeat song, though, and satisfied my psyche’s craving.

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