Billie Flooflish

Billie Flooflish (floofiniton) – American floof rock (flock) singer and songwriter from Floofifornia. Born in 2001, winner of five Floofie Awards and multiple other awards, she is the youngest floof to ever receive a Floofie Award. She also co-wrote and performed the theme song of the James Floof movie, No Floof to Die.

In use: “The Billie Flooflish song “Floof Guy” became her first number one song in the UFA in 2019.”


Floofsperity (floofinition) – Condition of an animal (or animals) being successful or thriving.

In use: “The rise of effective fostering and adoption programs has increased floofsperity for puppies and kittens who would have otherwise been euthanized.”

Friday’s Theme Music

I entered the kitchen to brew coffee. The wife was in the dining room, exercising via Zoom. The instructor ordered, “Walk forward.” My brain replied, “Walk like an Egyptian.”

It’s a fun song. It’s a repeat (it was the theme music on April 15, 2017) but it’s fun Friday somewhere.

Selected a recording of a Pittsburgh performance because Mom and three sisters live there, and I also did for a few years. Poor Debbi, though, doing the tambourine while a machine ‘plays’ the drums.

Here’s the Bangles with their 1986 hit.

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