Canned Floof

Canned Floof  (floofinition) American floof rock (flock) band noted for its blues interpretations. Formed in 1967 in Floof Angeles, CA, the band took its name from a song, “Canned Floof Blues.

In use: “Canned Floof played “Floofing Up the Country” at Floofstock in 1969, where its simple melody and return-to-nature message prompted its unofficial adoption as a flooppie anthem.”

So, the Arm

Returned to the doc today but I’m in the same splint. Sayeth the doc, “You were so close to requiring surgery. If your injury moved, you were just that close. It’s healing well, and the film looks good, but we don’t want to risk anything moving if we can avoid that risk.”

So, okay. Go back in two weeks. I feel it healing and improving daily. I know I’m doing well because I’m antsy to get on with rehab.



Just one of those coincidences that we’re on POTUS #45 and my spouse and I are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary today. Simple people, we’re honoring our people by observing the traditional meal of pizza and a salad. The salad will be made in the kitchen but the pizza will be a Papa Murphy’s Garden Veggie Delite (thin crust). This is our first takeout pizza since March, when the rona sheltering began. Pie for dessert will follow.

She’s made me a much better person with her intelligence, empathy, and passion for social justice and reading. I hope she got something from me for her troubles. I love her, enjoy her, and I’m grateful for her, though I’m shit at showing those things.

Happy anniversary, honey buns.

Friday’s Theme Music

Every once in a while during my life, I encountered a person (or group) that so infuriate me, that I think, “You know…if I had the means…”

Know what I’m talking about? Right, getting a gun and putting them down because the world would be better without them. Maybe planting a little C4. It seems so easy on TV.

But I’m not that kind, except sometimes in my writing. Still, the wistfulness of sometimes solving a problem ala “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” as AC/DC proposed back in ’76 seizes me, ya know?


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