Exflooferbate (floofinition) – To have a situation worsen or a problem complicated by the presence or behavior of animals.

In use: “Her day was already scrambled beyond her limits when the cat exflooferbated it by bringing in a live robin and setting it free in the living room.”


Violent Floofs

Violent Floofs (floofinition) – Emerging from Milwaukee, Floofconsin, in the early 1980s, the Violent Floofs are one of the most commercially successful floof punk (flunk) bands in the UFA.

In use: “The Violent Floofs’ debut album, Violent Floofs, contains songs such as “Floofer in the Sun” and “Floof It Up”, which became two of their best known songs.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Went out at eleven last night. Cool and clear under a sharp moon and a starry blanket, it was the type of night that prompts enthusiastic prose.

A shooting star whizzed past, gladdening me. I always view them as a good omen. Back inside, I fed cats and replenished food and water bowls. Then, putting away the laundry, a 1967 Boyce & Hart song tottered in.

Yes, this was my Saturday night. I don’t know why “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight” came out of the memory jukebox.

You might know of Boyce & Hart as the duo behind much of the Monkees. It’s a convoluted pop episode involving TV and Bob Kirschner, but this is definitely a song from another era.

Maybe that’s why it spoke to me on a quiet Saturday night.


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