Maroon Floof

Maroon Floof (floofinition) – An American floof pop (floop) and flunk band originally from Floof Angeles, CA, UFA.

In use: “In 2011, Maroon Floof had a major international hit with “Floofs like Jagger”, with “Floofphone” scoring as another hit the next year.”


Astrofloof (floofinition) – 1. Animal who is out of this world in appearance or behavior.

In use: “With his fur, makings, and strange bark, Angie’s dog was other-worldly, an astrofloof, perhaps part of an alien invasion.

2. (Web slang) A fake animal, or one who seems to be phony or inauthentic, or presents themselves as being something else.

In use: “Raised by huskies, the Siamese had adopted canine behavior, a little astrofloof whose meow even sounded like a bark, and became the alpha dog.”


Monday’s Theme Music

The Traveling Wilburys song, “Handle with Care” (1988) sprang to mind last night. Eleven thirty, I went out into the clear, friendly bight and entertained the moon and stars. All were bright and lively, and rona kept the time free of passerbys as all are home shelterin’. My cats joined me, with Boo being the one to break the silence, rub up against me, and lean against my calf.

That brought out the Wilbury chorus:

Everybody’s got somebody to lean on
Put your body next to mine, and dream on

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This song is so special, IMO. Such talents, legends of rock, are brought together as friends, performers and song writers, contributing but remaining as individuals. Look at the video and how each is dressed and how they act and participate. They’re enjoying themselves. That feeling carries over into the song.

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