Saturday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme music is another feline inspired choice from last night.

I’d opened a tin of food for them. “Here it is. Come and get it.”

The three floofs sat there with ‘the look’ on their expressions. The look claims, “Who are you? Why should I trust you?” Do you know this look?

“Seriouslyre you kidding? This is food. I’ve been feeding you for years.”

The three cat expressions soured. “Food? What is that?”

I had to walk away. “It’s there when you want it,” I threw over my shoulder. Meanwhile, I’d begun humming the Badfinger song, “Come and Get It“, (1969). It always seemed like an odd song to me, this McCartney ditty, but it stays with me.

After a few minutes, I checked on the food, verifying, et. The three boys were off grooming themselves like nothing had happened.

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Theme Music

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  1. Ours do the same … they will drive us crazy at precisely 4:30 p.m. for their wet food (kibble in the morning, wet food in the evening), then when you put it before them, they either look at you like you have two heads, else sniff it and walk away. As soon as you turn your back, though, they devour it!

    As re the music … I owe you one! I was searching my head for a song for tomorrow’s music post and was drawing a blank (mood of the moment), until I heard this one! Thanks! That was just floofy!

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