A Food Dream

Don’t recall what was going on earlier in this dream – it’s all hazy and splintered – but I reached a point where I sat down to eat. 

It was dark, with strings of colored lights overhead. I was seated at a long table with many other people. (I seemed to know them all but didn’t recognize anyone from my life.) Someone set a plate down in front of me. On it was this huge, loaded cheeseburger, along with a salad, and some onion rings. Laughing and talking with others, I took a big bite. OMG, it was so good. I was very happy.

Then, in a dream shift, eating was over. I was in another room, my wife beside me. Sitting in a little conversation nook, we were chatting with friends (no one from my rea world). My wife and I jumped up and suggested that we take their girls to get ice cream. The friends were surprised. They asked their daughters if they wanted to go. The little girls declined.

My wife and I went out and got ice cream. Sitting down on a brick wall in sunshine, we began eating, but we were disappointed that the little girls didn’t come. As I was eating my berry-flavored ice cream, I saw one of the little girls. She was inside, watching through a window. I went back in and asked her if she wanted ice cream.

The dream ended.

I was ravenous when I woke up. Still am.

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  1. Wow I don’t want to be presumptuous but that is an amazing dream and I wanted to share. Everything about that dream is pointing towards and anointing on your life the fact that you bring joy and sitting at a family table is all about experiencing close relationships. The fact that you invited the other two little girls and they declined is also good for you because it symbolizes how do you were upset over their absence which means that you have an anointing to minister to those who are young. The ending is the clincher because the fact that they were looking through a window is confirmation that there are many people that are watching you and I need rescuing. So from their perspective there is an invisible shield That keeps Them from engaging with you because they don’t believe they can for some reason. I suspect in this dream it was their own parental figures that were inhibiting their contact with others. So the application for you would be to know that you might be stepping into greater influence in territory for helping others find joy in their lives blessings to you

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    1. You’re not being presumptuous. I post on here as part of my thinking process, but also to invite outside thought. Others can see things that I miss. I appreciate your insights. I’ve been swimming in thoughts about the food dream. You’ve provided some interesting direction to it.

      Thank you for commenting. Cheers


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