Tuesday’s Theme Music

I was just up (peeing, actually), when the lines from “While You See A Chance” (Steve Winwood, 1981) came to me.

When some sad old dream reminds you

how the endless road unwinds you

while you see a chance, you take it

find romance, fake it

because it’s all on you

I always enjoy that section in particular. It’s an uplifting song to me, one of several favorites that Steve Winwood put out as a solo artist. Looking for confirmation a bit ago, I verified that he didn’t write the lyrics alone, that it was co-written by Will Jennings. I thought that I’d read that but couldn’t recall the details. Thanks to Wikipedia for the reminder.

The title, too, always strikes me; not, ‘when you see a chance’ but ‘while you see a chance’. Act while you see it, not when you see it. Like that subtle difference.

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