Rude Interruption

I was sitting and chatting with a friend the other day when my body said, “Pee.”

“Excuse me,” I told my body, “but that was very ru — ”


“I was talki — ”


“What are you saying? It sounds li — ”


“In a minute. Let me finish this conver — ”


Sighing, I stood. “Excuse me a minute,” I told my friend, and went off to the restroom.

Honestly, sometimes my body is like a spoiled, willful child, and it gets worse as I get older.



3 thoughts on “Rude Interruption

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  1. I used to work in a profession where I could not go to the bathroom when I wanted to, sometimes not for an hour at least. One thing I love about my current job is that I can go anytime I like–even in the middle of a meeting! Oh wait–I leave the meeting to go to the bathroom is what I meant…

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  2. Oh dear. Hehe. I.. haha. Thanks for your generosity. I always remember those who have aided and assisted me and I ensure all debts are.. not so much “paid” for I always pay my dues. But rather.. venerated and regaled upon the walls of history.

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