Saturday’s Theme Music

While driving today, I heard the end of a song, “Don’t You Want Me”, by The Human League. When the song ended, Casey Kasem came on and told us that was the number song in America, according to Billboard, for the week of July 10, 1982.

The station went on to mention that it had been a digitally remastered recording of the recording that was made in 1982. All this fired multiple memories: July, 1982. Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. American Top 40 was played every Saturday. Broken neck with my head immobilized in a halo device. Hot and humid summer. A wonderful cat named Jade we inherited from another family, and another, a sweet little Bombay Black named Crystal, also a gift from another family.

I’d broken my neck on the previous Memorial Day weekend. I was freed from the halo after three months. Crystal died in 1995, taken by cancer. Jade passed away when we lived in California twenty years after she started living with us. She earned the nickname Pokey because she liked to dawdle, but she was a damn smart feline, definitely the smartest cat we have ever known. She was infinitely smarter than the four who live with us now. Casey Kasem died in 2014. The Human League still rocks on.

It’s all life.


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    1. It was my second ‘broken’ neck. I’d previously (unknown to me) broken C2 & C4. Now I broke C1, C3, C5, given me a full house. The vertebrae fractured, cracked, chipped and moved, but didn’t technically break. But it does sound more dramatic, doesn’t it?

      I did it by diving into very shallow water. My friend was way out sitting in the water. From my POV, he was sitting on the ledge in deep water. So I ran up and dove up. Bad move.

      I drove home that day, a Sunday. The next day was Memorial Day. I’d noticed that I hadn’t been able to move my head without pain, so I went in to have something done about it, and learned the news.

      Actually, not that painful or scary for me, but it scared everyone else. More painful and scary for me were the accidents that I had while wearing the halo device. Knocking it askew caused enormous pain, and a lot of blood.

      But, that’s another story. Thanks for the interest. Cheers

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