Friday’s Theme Music

I’m afraid today’s music is another one that just snuck into the stream and refuses to depart. I don’t know why it came in – I was cleaning the kitchen at the time and planning my day.

“Rosanna” by Toto isn’t a bad song at all. I got to know it and all of Toto IV (1982) intimately. I was stationed at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan, at the time. My best bud, Jeff, loved the Toto IV album. The harmonies enthralled him. We used to go camping up at Okuma, where the military had a recreation area, and Toto IV with “Rosanna” was always played a few times a day.

Good ol’ Jeff. Fun, smart guy. Haven’t heard from or about him in decades.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Someone’s overheard comment (complaint) about their daily-weekly-monthly routines about doing the same thing and wondering where have all the good times gone brought home today’s theme music.

I’ve selected “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” for today, and went with the Van Halen cover (1982). A friend of mine who was a big VH fan liked this song but thought it was a little simple. I told him that I thought it was better than the Kinks’ version, which was the original, from somewhere in the mid-sixties. (Turned out to be from 1965.) He wasn’t aware that it was a cover, thinking that it was a VH original, but decided, that’s why it was such a simple song.

On reflection, each version represents how pop rock sounded at the time of their release.

Monday’s Theme Music

Spouse: “I’m hungry. I know it’s early, but I want to make dinner. I need to eat something. Are you ready to eat?”

“Are you kidding? I was just about to get a snack. I’m hungry like a wife.” I laughed. “I mean, wolf.”

“Okay, then I’ll make dinner. What should we have?”

Hungry like a wolf natch invited the 1982 Duran Duran song, “Hungry Like the Wolf”, into the stream. It stayed on a loop as we made dinner and ate, continuing to eat through dessert (pumpkin pie) and watching Saturday Night Live on Hulu, and on through Letterkenny and DCI Banks.

So, here it is, your Monday theme music. Blame my wolf. I mean, wife.

Sunday’s Theme Music

I was running up a hill the other day, so Kate Bush’s song, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” (1982) popped into the stream. While running up that hill and thinking of her song about relationships, I thought about how easy it is for “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” to be about trying to change your life or achieve something, just get somewhere.

I’d be running up that road
Be running up that hill
With no problems


Running up a hill seems more apt as a metaphor over something like running in place. The exertion needed to run up a hill makes it different, as well as your attitude. When you’re running up that hill and begin tiring, breathing harder, sweat bursting out of your body, your attitude changes. You thought, “I can do this,” when you began. It seemed like a friendly challenge for yourself. Now, as the hill goes on, and your teeth grit and your muscles flail, you wonder. Your body flags, will flags, your heart pounds, and you breathe harder and faster, reaching a point where you decide, “Can I make it? Should I go on or give up?” Attendant thoughts, like, “Why am I doing this,” and, “Nobody else cares, nobody else would know if I stop,” enter.

But I knew, and I kept running, although I gotta tell you, I was a lot slower for much of it until I issued a final hard, determined burst and made it. Then I walked, hands on hips, gasping and sucking air, perspiration all over me, enjoying the view…and recovering.

Going back to that song, though, I often think of it when I know of someone I love that’s suffering, and think, “If only we could swap places, so I could take that on for you, and relieve you of your pain and suffering.” But if there is a God, it doesn’t seem like God likes to make deals.

Naturally, it relates to writing, too. Most writing days are stoic, persevering days of going on, like running on a flat. Some days become more powerful, days when I get a special wind and feel like I’m running faster than light. But there are days and times when I’m running up that hill and it seems endless and pointless.

At least for me.


Friday’s Theme Music

“Don’t push me cuz I’m close to the edge. I’m trying not to lose my head.”

Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s classic rap song, “The Message” (1982) started streaming in me after dealing with our cat, Boo. Fair to Boo, a large bedroom panther, he suffers PTSD and is hypersensitive. His back fur has become terribly matted, and he’s too freaked to let us do anything about it. Exasperating. I feel for the cat, who is very smart, but after a bit of trying to do something about his fur and having him hissing, spitting, and swiping at me, only to turn around and come back to get petted again, I had to walk away.

And that’s when that line entered and the song started streaming in me.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

It was inevitable, I guess, that the deaths of Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek that their music would jump into my mental stream of sound. Today found Eddie Money’s “Shakin'” (1982) in the stream.

My wife’s movement invited “Shakin'” in. She loves music and dancing, and happened to start dancing, moving around and snapping her fingers last night, with an expression lit with happiness.


Monday’s Theme Music

I was checking the weather – it’s thirty-eight F right now, suny and clear – when I noticed the neighbors. Monday has begun. The weekend is over. Elementary and high school students walk down to catch buses or walk to school. The college students leave next. Neighbors drive off to work. Each departs at the same times Monday through Friday, except for Holidays.

The slow but regular daily exodus reminds me of the 1982 Loverboy song, “Working for the Weekend”. Loverboy was a hot flash in the early 1980s, coming out of Canada to storm the world with a number of hits. I was living on Okinawa, and I can tell you, they were very popular in the music clubs there. It has that eighties techno-rock sound to me.

Anyway, from the looks on the faces most people had today, most looked like they were sighing and trudging. They seemed more energetic last weekend.

Saturday’s Theme Music

I stole this song off of John Scalzi’s post from earlier this week.

I’d never heard of Burning Sensations or their MTV hit, “Burning of the Whale”. I listened to it and was intrigued. It appears to be about a guy living in a whale, and the production is a bite out of the eighties, just in a slightly different direction. I figure it’s a good theme song because it’s an artistic attempt, and it’s different, and they tried, and these things are what art is about, no matter which venue we pursue. Have a dream, apply some imagination and work, and put it out there.

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