Thursday’s Theme Music

Thursday, September 15, 2022, dawned at 7:00 AM with variable results. Chaotic cumulus clouds mixed with sunshine and blue sky to create a sullen envelope for the day. 17.7 C now, 76 F will be today’s peak temperature. 7:31 PM will see sunset take place.

I’m busy with a personal project, building a mountain of used tissues and cough drops. I’m very proud of my accomplishment. It’s not a bad way to deal with COVID compared to others’ suffering.

Haven’t seen Mom due to my sit. Her abscess was drained and she’s being moved from the step down unit to a normal private room. She’ll remain in isolation.

The Neurons plugged “Open Arms” by Journey (1982) into the morning mental music stream. Drifting in and out of sleep in the dark room last night, I’d listen to my heartbeat. The Neurons picked up on that and began playing with songs which had heartbeat or darkness as part of the lyrics. Yeah, The Neurons are a crazy beast. The song was released while I was stationed at Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, so it’s attached to that era in my thinking. This is one of those songs that forces memories of our small off-base apartment to my mind’s forefront. I remember the cats who came to us then and lived with us. We took them back to America with us, and then was forced to leave them there when we went to Japan. My SIL took care of them for us. But once we returned, we took them with us to California. Both passed away there, Crystal, a Bombay black was twelve, while Jade was 21.

Stay positive and test negative. No coffee, thanks, I’ve already had a cup. Mark me down for another cup later. Here’s the song. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

It’s 76 F this Monday morning, the first of August, 2022. Turn the page, as Seger sang.

A high of 90 F is expected today. So are thunderstorms. Thunderstorms rolled through in a big way last night around midnight. No local lightning. More fires were ignited in the Cascades.

The smoke has shifted away this morning. Our good fortune but others are suffering somewhere. Firefighters are strategizing and working to contain numerous blazes in California and Oregon. The fires’ names and situation replace city tax and budget matters and lost pets on our local social media.

Sunrise, at 6:03 AM, was more normal. Sunset will be at 8:33 PM. They say our temperatures are going to drop into the 80s F this week and return to average range in the mid to upper nineties next week.

The Neurons have songs in the morning mental music stream, oh yes. Saw the setting sun last night as the smoke thinned and the clouds parted to open the sunset show. It looked like a “Red Rubber Ball”. Written by Paul Simon, which I didn’t know for years, Cyrkle had a hit with it in 1966. I vividly remember hearing it as I played on the patio of our Vernoa rental house.

Second song, yeah, “Tequila Sunrise” by the Eagles, 1973, also a reflection of last night’s sunset. My mind keeps bringing up morning songs in response to evening settings. It’s like everything is reversed. Maybe it’s reverse week, you know, where up is down and left is right. Does that happen in your reality?

The third song is about the Fitbit missing from my wrist. I go to check the steps or the time every hour, as it’s trained me to do. The tracker isn’t there so The Neurons immediately rip off the Zombies song and sing, “It’s not there,” a pull on “She’s Not There” by the Zombies from 1964. Santana covered it later. Both versions have been theme songs here, along with the first two tunes. What to do?

Reject The Neurons, of course! Here’s “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake (1982). Ha! Take that, Neurons!

BTW, it’s National Exclamation Day in my reality today!

Stay positive and test negative, my friends. Stay cool and safe, or warm and safe, or dry and safe, whatever works for your weather situation. Maybe you’re a fortunate and have a lovely weather day in progress. Enjoy it.

Here’s la musica! Where’s le coffee?!!


Friday’s Theme Music

We’ve cooled some more here in southern Oregon. Hope the rest of the world can cool off. Today’s temperature finds us at 17 C now with a high of 88 F being bandied around. No clouds on my horizons now. Faint clouds were in the midnight skies. But what a night sky it otherwise was, rich with diamonds – galaxies, planets, stars, and satellites, prodding my mind to beg for details about how this all works together.

It’s Friday, July 22, 2022. Sunset and sunrise are 8:40 PM and 5:54 AM.

The Neurons are playing “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” by Judas Priest. Are you familiar with this 1982 song? It’s a heavy metal rocker. I’m more of a progressive rock fan with my intro to heavy metal coming via a co-worker, Bob. He made me a mixed tape of heavy songs that he thought I needed to know, and here we are. This would’ve been in 1986 at a little place called Shaw AFB in South Carolina, my stop in the U.S. between Japan and Germany. In reflection, I left the U.S. in 1981, came back in 1985, left in 1986, and returned in 1991.

Stay positive and test negative, etc. Coffee has touched down in the kitchen. One small sip for mankind. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Tucker vocalized a litany of breakfast requests a little before seven thirty. After addressing the house king’s requirements, I went into the back yard. The sun was just clearing the trees, forcing reflections that I don’t see the sunrise in this house. The back yard faces the east and the rising sun, per this reality’s dictation, but trees and mountains obscure the orb for the first ninety minutes of its summer rise.

Hi. It’s Tuesday, 7/19/22. It’s currently 75 F out. We’re expecting a high of 37 C today. The sun made its effort to illuminate the valley at 5:51 AM, mountains and trees be damned. Sunset will make the end of Tuesday’s daylight segment at 8:43 this evening.

Life in America – life in the world – has me and The Neurons singing “Mad World” by Tears for Fears. I think Jill Dennison is responsible for that. She’d shared a TfF song on her blog. I countered with “Shout”. The Neurons then took me through a Tears for Fears anthology. While I have a life of privilege, without food or shelter insecurity, a white guy with all the inherent benefits that conveys in the modern United States, news of food shortages, senseless shootings and death elsewhere, weather disasters, and the sickening state in which some exist, brought up “Mad World”. So much of our world seems to go in circles. In one sense, it’s natural and fundamental; in another, it’s deeply crazy.

So, here is the song. As part of the “Mad World”, wear masks and test negative and stay positive. More friends are down with COVID. I’ve not been struck – was I but just going about asymptomatic? One never knows. Coffee is at hand. Here’s the tune.

Peace out.

Monday’s Theme Music

The thermometer crushed 90 F yesterday, beating expectations. Clouds never bothered turning up. I often amuse myself, crediting the sun for the heat. Yeah, while the sun is our primary heat source, weather systems, highs and lows, and humidity, allied with seasons and the axis tilt and all that, affect the local temperature. Not informing you, just reminding myself.

The Earth’s established rotation returned my valley into sunshine at 5:45 this morning. I check each day to ensure it comes up in the west per usual. But honestly, if reality flipped on me and it rose in the east instead, would I be able to comprehend the diff? I suspect not. That’s how reality works. It messes with your head and expectations.

We sit at a comfortable 17 C right now. Change to that is expected as we’ll see temperatures pop up to 99 F. Sunset will come at 8:48 PM. This is the weather for Monday, July 11, 2022.

The Neurons have three songs circulating in the morning mental music stream. The first is a beat called “Wildwood Weed” by Jim Stafford. The 1974 song was a dryly humorous story about farmer brothers discovering marijuana on their land, their growing fondness of the weed, and the government coming in and digging it up and burning it.

Second up was Willie Nelson’s 1982 cover of “You Were Always On My Mind”. The heartfelt ballad has been recorded by hundreds of groups and individuals. Elvis Presley had a memorable hit with it. But I like Willie’s softly reflective version. Guess that’s why The Neurons tucked it into the stream.

Last was a recent theme song selection, one that’s been done a few times, “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim. I enjoy Walken’s dancing in the video. That almost made me remember the song as much as its melody and its lyrics. Almost. I often find myself mentally singing, “You can go this way, you can go that way.” Then I hear that bass line.

As the second song wasn’t featured as my theme music at any time in the past, I thought I’d keep it loaded in the mental music stream and make it the day’s choice. As for why any of them are in the stream to begin, The Neurons take the fifth.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and, you know, protect yourself and those around you, yeah? Okay. Speaking of protection, I’m going for coffee now. It protects me from all kinds of imaginable ills. Here’s the tune. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

Dropping down to 97 F today, a cooling trend for the week. By Sunday, it’ll be down to 73 F, they say, as they expect the heat dome to slide on across North America.

Today is June 27, 2022, the month’s final Monday for this year. We’ll be pushing on into July next week. Time is racing by in my life. Don’t know about yers. Sunrise kicked off at 5:36. It’s slowly sliding back toward six AM. Sunset is holding steady at 8:51 PM.

Today’s theme song was a sudden apparition from the memory mines. Don’t know what The Neurons were thinking. I suspect they played a game of randomly pushing buttons, giggling and telling themselves, “Let’s see what happens when we push these buttons.” Well, those buttons took me to an entertaining time of life on an island called Okinawa on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. between the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea. Yes, there’s a lot of water around it. This song, “Be Good Johnny” was part of that scene. Maybe, more rational neurons suggest, it was thinking about heat and mugginess. Okinawa was a muggy place. No A/C in the apartment we lived in for the first coupla years. Dripping with sweat was the day’s norm. If you weren’t sweating, people were liable to ask, “Are you okay? You’re not sweating.”

Here is “Be Good Johnny” by Men At Work from 1982. I enjoy Colin Hay’s vocal work in the song. Hope you to do. Coffee? Let’s go. Stay positive and test negative.


Wednesday’s Theme Music

June has arrived with the soft sound of muted sunshine. Yes, it’s Day 1 of the thirty that make up June, 2022, different this year; in previous years, June had 31 days.

Just kidding. June hasn’t had thirty-one days since the late sixteenth century when the Calendar Makers convened to settle how many days each month should hold. June had seventy days until that time, and July wasn’t yet a month. Although February was, it had poor representation, and ended up with a short month and an iffy situation. According to the records, this was because February was a very cold month that year at the convention site, and the attendees wanted to keep that cold to a minimum. Such was the thinking that went on back then.

Sunrise was an underwhelming event at 5:37 AM, as clouds were present in force, dictating coverage. One salient aspect to bring out is that today’s sunrise is earlier than yesterday’s sunrise. Changes have already begun. Even though sunset is one minute later than yesterday, we still have the same amount of daylight.

Our temps were top out at about 80 F and hold to 61 now with a mild wind singing through the leaves.

Now, for some reason, the naughty neurons loaded Juice Newton’s cover of “Queen of Hearts” from the early 1980s. “Why?” I asked the neurons. Shrugging with sluggish indifference, they replied, “Why not?”

I think I need to give them some coffee. Let’s be safe out there, and test negative. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

This is it, May’s last day. It will not be extended.

Yes, welcome to Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Back to work if you were off for the Memorial Day in the U.S.

We’ve returned to cloudy and warm weather today. Woke up to 59 F after the sun kicked in its light at 5:38 AM. The flip end of the sun’s presence comes at 8:40 PM today. Before then, we expect to see temperatures of 77 F. Yardwork has kept us busy as the rains encouraged everything to “grow, grow, grow”, leaving us with an unkempt landscape. Great seeing the bees abuzzing around the backyard’s weeds. It’s a weed zone, where we let weeds proliferate. The bees love it.

Today’s song emerged from conversations with friends and relatives about the state of the world and the state of the nation, and where we’re going. Thinking about that and change and direction, the neurons pulled up Roxy Music from 1982 and a song called “More Than This”.

I could feel at the time
There was no way of knowing
Fallen leaves in the night
Who can say where they’re blowing
As free as the wind
And hopefully learning
Why the sea on the tide
Has no way of turning
More than this – there is nothing
More than this – tell me one thing
More than this – there is nothing
It was fun for a while
There was no way of knowing
Like a dream in the night
Who can say where we’re going

h/t to

Yes, who can say where we’re going? There’s always some indications but then shifts arrive. Something dramatic is pulled off. A galvanizing speech is made. A moderating influence is found, a new hope delivered. Who can say? History is full of downs and ups. Fingers crossed that we find something that pulls us from the brink and takes us into a new direction.

Stay positive, test negative, etc. I know, it’s a difficult challenge in the current news cycle. Still…try. And now, I will drink the magic elixir, coffee, and draw new hope and energy from it. Here’s the music. Cheers

Saturday’s Theme Music

It was bright and sunny for a period. I think it was from sunrise at 5:51 this morning until 8:45 AM, about twenty minutes ago. Negligent gray clouds have bullied in, shutting out the sunshine.

Hi. Today is Saturday, May 14, 2022. Hope you survived Friday the 13th okay. I had no issues. Pleasant weather rules today. A mild rain threat hangs in the air but the temperature is 53 F and we’ll probably see 70 before the sun shuffles around the corner and out of sight at 8:24 this evening.

I was people-watching this week as I waited for others to complete their tasks and purchases. While I tagged some as a potential serial killer (you know how it is when you’re bored), I saw loneliness in a few people’s face as they walked along on their business. I wondered if I was projecting something from myself. I can and do deny that, because I don’t feel lonely, but the neurons popped the 1982 song by the Motels, “Only the Lonely (Can Play)”, into the mental music stream, where it still plays this morning. The song reminds me of their other big hit, “Suddenly Last Summer” from 1983. Both songs give me pause to think when I hear them. A sort of mournfulness pervades the tunes.

Well, on to the coffee. Stay positive and test negative, stay aware, and avoid complacency. Here’s the music. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

We’ve reached the beginning again, following another calendar cycle, another week, as the world turns, giving us day and night, and we revolve around the sun, flashing through seasons, while the solar system revolves around the galaxy and the galaxy heads somewhere in the universe. And the universe itself might be going somewhere. It’s a lot to take in on a Monday in April, 2022. Thank cat I’ve had some coffee.

Today is the 18th. More than half of April has been lived, and almost a third of 2022. Sol crested the hills and mountains at 6:26 this morning, illuminating the area, showing us some idea of our weather. It’s hazy, cloudy, misty, wet, and sunny. It was 34 at dawn but now, just a few hours later, we’re arrived at 49, and have the low sixties in our sights before sunset at 7:55 PM.

I have 38 Special singing “Caught Up in You” from 1982 caught up in the morning mental music stream’s flow. It’s just the neurons playing with memories and word association and so on, saying, hey, remember 1982? Hey, remember this song? While so many memories are dependent on smells or deeply linked to them, I have similar linkages with music and television shows. I don’t think I’m anything special in that regard, more of part of the new shift in senses and memory associated with evolving technology. I think smell got a head start on memories because smell was ubiquitous and music wasn’t around much, and television wasn’t invented in humanity’s early years.

Ah, that gave me a laugh. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, etc. I have my coffee but I think a leftover cinnamon muffin is trying to get my attention in the kitchen. Here’s the music. Enjoy your day. Cheers

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