Thursday’s Theme Music

We reached the corner of sun and rise at 5:42 this morning. And guess what? Sunset will come at…8:49 PM. It’s finally moved off the 8:50 hook but now the sun’s impact will begin to grow shorter and shorter until it disappears altogether, leaving us to ask, “Hey, has anyone seen the sun lately?” To which people will reply, “Well, where’d you see it last? Maybe if you retrace your steps…”

It’s Thursday, 7/7/22 and 18 C. Should strike 82 F today, an altogether comfortable-sounding day. A cloud-free sky has been declared. The back door is open to let cool air drift through. Do this every morning and then shut the door, trapping the cool air. The house will slowly heat up but doesn’t usually get to A/C temperatures until it tops 100 F outside (about 38 C). The gingerbread cat known as Papi (or Meep) loves the open door, racing in from the back patio, speeding through the living and dining rooms, streaking past the kitchen and office and down the hall to the guest room and then catapulting back out on the reverse course. The thunder of murder mittens on hardwood floors and carpeting is hilarious. This was executed four times this morning. He’s now sacked out on the sofa.

A deer ate most of our front flowers this week. It’s like, oh, well, it’s a healthy deer and has every right. But now there’s new bear scat where the deer has been eating. Makes us wonder about the situation… Appears the deer might have a stalker.

The Neurons inserted “Lucky Man” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer into the morning mental music stream. Lake wrote the song when he was twelve and learning chords. Quite impressive.

I asked The Neurons why this song from the 1970s was being played. They shrugged. “What’s it to ya?” Such attitude.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, etc. Four friends tested pos this week. Three of them work at the emergency food bank as volunteers. There might be a pattern here. Think I’ll get some coffee and ponder it. Here’s the tune. Cheers

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