The Ear Dream

I was with friends, apparently at one of their homes, in a small dining room. It seemed like a casual setting. Some folks from current RL were present.

I abruptly lost a piece of my nose. Without anyone noticing, I hastily put it back on. Then my left ear came off and fell onto the floor. Others noticed that. Horrified, I grabbed it and stuck it back on. We talked about this and one of the others, J, said, “I wouldn’t worry about it. Happens to me all the time.” He then pulled his ears off and put them back on.

Well, seeing that, I was less worried. My wife and others arrived. As I was talking with them, both of my ears came off. She was aghast. I tried reassuring her, first sticking the ears back on my head and then telling her that J said that happens to him all the time. I looked for J to corroborate my truth and couldn’t find him. My wife insisted that I should go to the hospital. I resisted but my ears fell off and this time they wouldn’t stay on.

Off to the hospital I went with my ears in my hands. A shabby little place with missing lights, the hospital’s appearance didn’t do anything for my mood. Short nurses and doctors came out to meet us. Turmoil rose as everyone started speaking at once. I tried explaining why I was there, showing the doctors and nurses the ears in my hands and then re-applying them to the sides of my head. The hospital visit collapsed under conflicting stories about what was going on and why.

Dream end.

Friday’s Theme Music

“Let’s add fri to day and call it Friday. Think people will buy it?”

“Yeah, we’ll make it the end of the week. That’ll help them remember it, ’cause it is a pretty weird word.”

And so, Friday came to be.

Today is July 8, 2022. It is 18 C outside for now but it won’t stay there. 86 F, they think will be the thermometer’s top end for today. “Clouds?” the blue asks. “What’s that?”

The sun shrugged. “Don’t know. Heard of them but I don’t see anything that might be a cloud.”

5:42 AM saw the sun bring its edge to our valley. That’ll change at 8:49 this evening, when the world’s spin will remove the sun from the valley’s view.

The Neurons dropped some Bad English music from 1989. “When I See You Smile” is a big hair power ballad complete with a dramatic drum and guitar concert video montage. That’s how it was played back then. The song comes back to me overhearing two women talking. One told the other something along the lines of, “Your smile always makes my day. When I see you smile, I just immediately feel so much better.” The two, older and younger, maybe sixties and thirties, gave good suggestions that meeting up made both happy. Hugs were engaged. Deep smiles rose and stayed. Laughter followed. Fun to see. Naturally, hearing those words, The Neurons brought the song out of the memory attic. And here it is, still in the morning mental music stream twenty, twenty-one hours later.

Stay positive and test negative, etc. More friends reported they’re positive for COVID. The cases are on the rise. Think I’ll have a sip of coffee, maybe two, and decide my next move. Here’s the theme music. Cheers

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