Wednesday’s Theme Music

Sunshine rolled over the horizon and onto the ocean at 5:43 AM. It’s Wednesday, the mid-point for the week, July 13, 2022. Marine layers and stout winds asserted their presence yesterday. I was cleaning sand out of, ah, everywhere last night, again and again, fine, gritty sand. The marine layer has retreated for today. The wind is on break. Sunshine warms a blue sky. A faraway thule layer rests on the ocean’s deep blue horizon. Current temp is a cool but pleasant 15 C. Won’t get much past 66 F today. Sunset will take us into night at 9 PM.

A wild night of dreams is in my mental rearview. The Neurons extracted “Cover Me” by Bruce Springsteen from the dreams and planted it in my morning mental music stream. “Why?” I asked. Yes, why?

The Neuron smirked. “Use your brain.”

“I thought that’s what you guys are.”

The Neurons snorted. “Think again.”

So, it’s “Cover Me” for Wednesday’s theme music. Stay posi, test negy, etc. I’ve already had my coffee, thanks. The Neurons demanded it before they’d even speak to me. Hope you have a wonderful way wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, short of hurting others, right? Yeah. Let’s be reasonable.

Here’s the song. Cheers

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