Thursday’s Theme Music

From my perspective, yesterday was a gorgeous Oregon coast day. We’re in Yachats. No marine layer yesterday. Never very warm, the sun crossed a sky unfettered by clouds. Breezes reigned themselves in, only sporadically doing a mad dash. Never went over 65 F, I don’t think.

We have clouds over the sea and a slight marine layer this morning. They deliver pearly strands of blues, grays, and whites, a sight that draw contented sighs. Wind action is mild. It’s about 15 C now and will climb to 65 F again. The daylight portion of the show kicked off at 5;47 AM and will play until 8:46 PM.

The Neurons introduced a 1995 Ozzy Osbourne song called “Perry Mason” into the morning mental music stream. It’s been done as theme music back in 2017. I reckon the Jan 6 Hearing prompted The Neurons into this musical selection. I didn’t bother asking; they frequently ignore my questions.

So, stay positive, yeah? You know the rest, right? Sure. Guess what’s by my right hand? If you said, a coffee cup full of Thundermuck, then you’re a winner. Here’s the music. I’m taking my Thundermuck out onto the patio. Cheers

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