The Paris Detective Dream

I was a detective in a trench coat. American, I didn’t speak French, but I was working with French detectives. Although I didn’t speak French, they understood me when I spoke English and I understood them when they spoke French. This startled me in the dream, causing me to pause and ask, “How is this possible?” I didn’t have a chance to pursue an answer because there was a crime to solve. I zipped around Paris with the detectives, flashing my badge, interviewing people, asking the other detectives questions, and answering their questions. The crime and mystery were never definitely stated in the dream, yet I knew what it was. The dream ended with me looking at the Eiffel Tower, as that’s where the clues led.

I think the dream arose because I’d watched a dose of The Sommerdahl Murders before I went to sleep, though why I ended up in Paris with French detectives isn’t explained. Haven’t been to Paris since the last century. All in all, a mild and innocuous, pleasant dream, although this detective dream left me with a mystery.

But don’t they all?

Sunday’s Theme Music

You are here, on Friday, Jun 10, 2021. No, no, wait…stupid time machine. (Yeah, don’t tell me that you think it’s operator error.)

Take two. You are here, on Sunday, July 10, 2022. 18 C outside now, we expect the numbers to strike 87 F before the sun winds down its act at 8:48 PM. The sun tapped danced in through the trees and o’er the hills and mountains at 5:42 this morning. Clouds are absent again, though haze blurs the western horizon. The mornings have been starting out cloudless but clouds drop in later in the day, sailing through on their way to somewhere else. A scorcher is anticipated for tomorrow — 98 F — which kicks off a series of days in the nineties. No triple digits are expected. I’m heading for the coast, though. Much different conditions will rule by the Pacific.

As I was sitting on my throne this morning, The Neurons gifted me with “All Night Long” by Joe Walsh, a song which has been featured as the theme music before. Honest bafflement on my end met their choice. “What is this? A joke?”

The Neurons scoffed and snickered. “Yeah, a joke.”

I often do not understand them. I think they might be young neurons.

Stay positive and test negative, if you will. Two more friends notified us that they were COVID pos yesterday. We’ve been masking and isolating for the most part. Haven’t seen my friends for a beer for two weeks. (Start sad string music.) Didn’t even go out for the 4th or my birthday. Yeah, going to the coast tomorrow, but it’s with a lot of trepidation.

Maybe coffee will help me. I’ll try it. Here’s the tune. It’s a rockin’ one. Cheers

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