Wednesday’s Theme Music

Take your cover off and salute Wednesday, June 29, 2022. It’s been selected as the day and date in the great quantum arcade where such things are decided. Okay, that’s it, let’s move on.

Sunrise for this august June day was 5:37 AM. The sun’s turning away will be at … drum roll … 8:51 PM – again. Sunset times are in stasis for us. Probably the wrong term but, coffee hasn’t come yet.

Temperatures remain around our average today. It’s again 20 C right now but we expect 86 F this afternoon. This is all so yesterday, except the day and date.

I wandered around the house singing Frank Sinatra’s cover of “Winchester Cathedral” this morning as I pursued the morning rituals. Mom was a fan of ol’ blue eyes. His album, That’s Life (1968), was heavily featured in her stereo rotation. She’d put that vinyl on, cranked it up, and clean the house. I got to know a lot of those songs and do a pretty good Frank imitation. It surprises people, which is always fun. Singing Winchester today surprised the cats. Might have surprised the neighbors, too.

I was singing the song after some dreams prompted The Neurons to insert the song “That’s Life” into the morning mental music stream. It was just a dreamvella, also known as a dreamette in some cultures, that is, a briefer dream than a full-length production, about being a child, but it made a sufficient impression on The Neurons that they felt it deserved music. I previously knew the The New Vaudeville Band’s version of the song but The Neurons perched on Frank.

Anyway, that probably all makes little sense (cuz, coffee, you know), but here we are. Stay positive and test negative, and so on and so forth. Hit it, Frank, while I seek coffee. Cheers

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