Saturday’s Theme Music

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Sometimes they say that Mark Twain said this but that’s disputed. Watching Russia attack and invade Ukraine as Putin talks about going after Finland and Sweden sure does echo with past historic performances in Europe.

Today is Saturday, Mar — no, wait — February 26, 2022. I’ve been doing some time traveling and screwed up the date in yesterday’s post. Or, the cats were angry that I hadn’t provided them with sufficient treats and attention and changed it. Or, I simply made a mistake. I think it’s one of the first two. Surely, it’s not the third. And some reading that will say, “Don’t call me Shirley.” The sun delivered its gift on schedule at 6:51 this morning and is scheduled to perform all day in this area, packing it up at 5:57 this evening. Temperatures weren’t as cold last night, dropping to

The latest war, started by Putin in Russia, attacking Ukraine, pretending he’s doing it for the good of the Ukraine (which I’m sure something the dead agree with) has been going on for a few days. As it takes place, it has the feel and flavor of something that might expand to engulf the world. Not needed, know what I’m saying?

Two songs are competing for attention in the morning’s mental music stream. One is a disco song released in 1976 by one of the great singers and performers of any era. The other is a prog rock song that came out in 2001. “Drops of Jupiter” by Train is the second song. It came to head because of yesterday. The sun was giving us a gift of warm sunshine. My wife and I went down to Lithia Park to walk around and share in some of the treasure. Afterward, she wanted to visit a new store, called Drops of Jupiter. That’s what prompted the neurons to begin the piano notes, vocals, and strings that open the song. But I’ve used that song twice before as the theme music, so it gets voted out of the head.

The second offering is “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross from 1976. Disco raged across the world during that time. I don’t know why the neurons brought it up today. I’m more of a classic rocker with a leaning toward blues but being in a car or out and about meant that you were probably going to be exposed back in the 1970s, which is fine. It’s not rock, but disco has many admirable elements. It’s not the music I’d put on to relax or party, but then, my mother was always shaking her head and telling me that my music was not music. So, different tastes.

Here’s the music. Stay postive. Test negative. Wear a mask as needed. Get the vax and boosters. Hope the war ends soon but I have my doubts. Besides, it’s too late for too many already, and the ramifications for other matters, like the world’s wheat supply, are already rising. I’m going to go get coffee to reflect on it. Cheers

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