Carrot Tops: A 99-Word Flash Fiction

Another grin-inducing story about the mighty Aloysius.

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One of the blog prompts over at Carrot Ranch was to write a 99 word (no more, no less) about tools, either using the word itself or mentioning different kinds of tools. This pedometer geek writer had difficulty with this prompt, but when I checked out the site ( ), I thought I had an extra week to write something. Finally, earlier today (soon to be tomorrow, but I digress), I came up with an idea, and it is as follows:

Carrot Tops

Aloysius considered himself to be ordinary as much as any cat believes he’s ordinary.

His magical powers were just part of who he was. His flying ability, his strength, his speed, and other abilities were all tools to be used when needed.

Aloysius mostly used his powers in a positive manner, but every so often his curiosity got the better of him.

This day, Aloysius watched the…

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