Toilet’s clogged

And your mind is bummed

The cat’s been sick

And you’re feeling a little strung


This is the way

Of life today

If it’s not one thing

It’s another damn thing

Taking you


You try to cope

With a little caffeine

Maybe some wine

To help you make

The scene

But the way you see it

Everything is really fucked


So you vow for change

And make it work

Then you clash

With some guy who’s an asshole jerk

And you decide the best you can do is stay


It’s like water

Going down the drain

All this stuff

You’re starting to feel


But what else are you going to


But that was then

And this is now

So you tell yourself

With another vow

I’m gonna make it like

Mary Tyler


And you start again

Like it’s fresh and new

As the little drops

Of morning dew

And you hope that someone

Doesn’t try to screw


It’s just a week

Another month

Another year

Of stumbling on

But one of these days

It’s gonna be


You know that in your heart

Of hearts

Or maybe that’s gas

And you just need to fart

Who knows what the hell is really going


So you work and play

And live another day

Trying to change

But it’s the same old way

Even though you say

Again and again


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