Tuesday’s Theme Music

Rain! Such a surprise on this July 27, 2021, Tuesday. Sun rise was at 5:59 AM. Rainfall was noticed at 6:40 AM. Didn’t last long, just a short shower, but still a delight. Clouds are keeping us cool. Leaves, street, and earth remains wet. Just 69 degrees F at the present. With these clouds, should only reach the high eighties today. Sunset will commence at 8:36 PM. We’re losing daylight, my friends.

After rising to check out the rain, I fed the cats. (Because they surrounded me, meowing, “Hey, while you’re up, I’m feelin’ a little peckish. Would you mind feedin’ a friend?”) Then back to bed for another hour or so. When I awoke, the two big bois, Tucker and Boo, had me bracketed in the bed. Fortunately, I was asleep atop the duvet. Rising was a matter of sitting up swiveling. Both gave me looks, then. “Where you going? Is it time to eat?”

From all that, a 1972 tune marched into my brain and refuses to leave. Thus, it must be shared. Here is Gallery with their hit, “Nice to be with You”. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax, yeah? Yeah.

It’s coffee time. Cheers

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