Thursday’s Theme Music

Fanfare: today is Thursday, September 23, 2021. Why the fanfare? Why not? This day and date is rarely afforded fanfare. Might be birthdays for some, wedding anniversary, etc. But for most, it’s just another day sneaking by, bold as daylight, little counted. Not the end of a quarter. Nor the start of a season. Just a part of the year going on. I think it deserves a little fanfare, a little recognition for being another average, ordinary day in existence.

Sunrise on this ordinary day of ordinary grace came at 6:59 AM. Sunset will be at 7:07 PM. Almost to that moment of balance between night and day. Temperatures were unexpectedly cooler yesterday. High of just 80 F. Felt weirdly warm in the house. Today’s weather is delivered more of the same.

Went and had beers with friends last night. Outside at a local brewery. Well situated away from others. Six of us. We’ve done this off and on through the last three months, smoke allowing. All of us are vaccinated. One’s wife has already received a booster. Works with the homeless. The servers are all masked.

We were there to enjoy the fresh air and some local brews. Three days in a row without smoke, everyone told one another, friend to friend, server to patrons, patrons to server. Isn’t it great? God, how it must suck to live in a devastated area. To have lost your home. Maybe animals. Possessions. We count ourselves fortunate but already begin looking toward next year. For the record, I drank Caldera Brewing Amber Ale. I don’t hesitate to recommend that tasty beverage.

I mentioned to the others that it’s been a long time since I rock and rolled. Was joshing, you know? No one recognized the line. Or said anything about it, at least. Not even a blink. But of course, it’s out of Led Zeppelin’s 1972 song, “Rock and Roll”. A fast-paced ditty that I thoroughly enjoy. Natch, overhearing me think of it, the mental switches turned it on in the morning mental music stream. Good song to have there. I will share it with you and thank the Gods of Rock for delivering it to us.

Although I enjoy the original studio song, I went with this recording of a live performance. I wanted to pause, consider the group and stage setting. Such simplicity. So small. Intimate. No monster screen televisions giving close ups to people five hundred feet away. No smoke. Lasers. Just the performers, stage, and crowd. Simpler time, then, yet, so much more complicated and different than the ten years before it. So it goes in the mirrors of life.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Here’s the tune. Rock on, brothers and sisters. Rock on.

Saturday’s Theme Music

Powerful sunshine kicked in the day. I blinked against the golden warmth. “Sol. What time is it?”

“Time to raise your derriere from the dead.”

“Seriously, time.”

“Time to rise and — “

“Sol, it’s too early.”

“6:32 AM.” Sol sat, flipping rays back from his face. “It’s also Saturday, August 28, 2021, if that matters to you, the last Saturday in August.” Sol sighed. “September is next week, you know. Soon, I’ll be a wintry sun, mourning the cold land from a sad distance.”

“Not everywhere. Just up in the northern climes.”

“True.” Sol sniffed. “An advantage of being omnipresent. I’m always somewhere. Got any coffee?”

“I’ll make some.”

My slumber ended, I peed first, then shuffled into the kitchen. Cats greeted me, falling into step. The necessary feeding detour was executed. “How long are you here today, Sol?” I asked the sun as he joined me in the kitchen.

“Until 7:52 in the evening, thereabouts.” Sol perched himself on the counter. “And I’m in a hot mood. Think it’ll be ninety-five to a hundred today.”


Sol watched the coffee making. “Make it strong. I like it strong.”

“Of course.”

“I am the sun, you know.”

“Right, right, got that.”

Sol and I began channeling David Bowie music, falling back into some of his early seventies stuff as coffee brewed, basically working through a compilation album with “Diamond Dogs”, “Rebel, Rebel”, “Space Oddity”, “Changes”, and “Suffragette City”. By the time we finished our first cuppa, we were belting out “The Jean Genie”. Sol and I agreed that should be today’s theme music.

As Sol told me, stay positive — “Like me, I’m always sunny, hah!” — test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Here’s the music. Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

If this is Thursday, then this must be Ashland.

I chuckled at lines like that. During several times in life, I traveled a lot. First in a military life, then in a marketing life. When I traveled like that, my focus narrowed. What country-city-base-trade show am I at? What’s the agenda? Who am I meeting? Where do I go next? The actual dates little mattered, except for the travel portion. But I didn’t think of that in terms of days or dates. It was more, “I leave tomorrow” or the day after, etc, and “I go home next week.”

Anyway, this is Thursday, July 29, 2021. My wife had her teeth cleaned yesterday. She made her next cleaning appointment: 2/2/2022, at 2 PM. Yeah, it’s not a Fibonacci sequence, but it is interesting. To us, at least. Hey, it’s been slow.

Sun shine invaded at 6:01 AM. A retreat is in order commencing at 5:33 AM. Another heat dome has arrived. Although heat advisories are in effect, I thought we might be spared the heat. Clouds covered most of the AM sky. But they’ve slowly slip-slided away, leaving a hazy blue dome overhead. Like yesterday, temperatures close to 100 are anticipated. Yesterday, we clipped 98 F at our house.

“Ventura Highway” by America (1972) invaded my morning head space. Two parts of the song were speaking to me: “alligator lizards in the air” and “Come on, Joe, you can always change your name. Thanks a lot, son, just the same.”

The alligator lizards part was easy. I was looking at the morning clouds. We had scanty popcorn pieces. No alligator lizards. But it still triggered the music. The other aspect was about character names in the novel in progress. I thought that perhaps I should change two characters names. They’re not exactly the same names as friends, but close enough. They are parodies of these friends. But the name is an integral part to them. Changing their names changes my impression of them. The names stay as they are for now.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Rain! Such a surprise on this July 27, 2021, Tuesday. Sun rise was at 5:59 AM. Rainfall was noticed at 6:40 AM. Didn’t last long, just a short shower, but still a delight. Clouds are keeping us cool. Leaves, street, and earth remains wet. Just 69 degrees F at the present. With these clouds, should only reach the high eighties today. Sunset will commence at 8:36 PM. We’re losing daylight, my friends.

After rising to check out the rain, I fed the cats. (Because they surrounded me, meowing, “Hey, while you’re up, I’m feelin’ a little peckish. Would you mind feedin’ a friend?”) Then back to bed for another hour or so. When I awoke, the two big bois, Tucker and Boo, had me bracketed in the bed. Fortunately, I was asleep atop the duvet. Rising was a matter of sitting up swiveling. Both gave me looks, then. “Where you going? Is it time to eat?”

From all that, a 1972 tune marched into my brain and refuses to leave. Thus, it must be shared. Here is Gallery with their hit, “Nice to be with You”. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax, yeah? Yeah.

It’s coffee time. Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

Sunshine kicked the day open at 5:36 AM. Birds immediately entered talking and singing mode, testing new sounds. Cats continued as cats do. People variously leaped up to embrace the day, sighed and forced themselves out of bed, or whispered, “Just a little more sleep, please. Just a little more.” Those are a few of the ways the day’s beginning was addressed. It depended.

Planning was already underway to finish the day. Sunset would be at 8:42 PM. Many people find it easier to finish the day than to start it. For those struggling to get it going, caffeine often helps. Many imbibe it in tea or coffee. Some drink sodas. Adding sugar to the start up process enhances it for more than a few. It also can cause problems. People find that they’d consumed caffeine and sugar to get started. Now, at day’s end, they can’t stop.

Between those minutes when sunrise and sunset were declared, the day lurked. Many northern hemisphere areas have discovered that summer has arrived. Ways to beat the heat are conjured, just as ways to beat the cold were manifested back in the cold, dark months.

Today’s music choice is “Let It Rain” by Eric Clapton and Bonnie Bramlett, a song that came out on Clapton’s debut album to begin his solo career in 1972. Motivated by my preferences and needs, I’m thinking, let it rain, to the universe because my area would swallow fresh rain like a thirsty Steelers fan takes down a beer. After a couple days of high heat, we’d sinking into low heat. Highs are dropping from above 100 F or the upper nineties to the upper eighties. Leaves are turning brown and drying out. Hence my call, “Let it rain.”

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as required, and get the vax. Masks are less and less required here. It’s a slow transformation. We’re like critters poking out heads out. Looking around, we tentatively remove masks. Eye others. Are they still wearing their mask? They vaccinated? The air is sniffed. Seems okay. We’ll see. We’ll see.

Here’s the music. Please enjoy. Cheers.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Sunshine came to Wednesday, 5/12/21 in Ashland, Oregon, 5:53 AM. The light quickly exposed the night for what it was, a dark place where many go to rest. Few can resist the night; it rolls in, and they start yawning. Their eyes begin closing as night’s magic sweeps over them. Their heads soon nod. Slumping, their breathing deepens. As people fall into heavy slumber, night’s minions quietly move in, resetting reality. Night’s efforts will begin again at 8:22 PM. Meanwhile, daylight will strain to keep the borders secure.

Channeling Mick Jagger and the Stones today. Began by thinking about time, hurry, and rushing around, leading directly to some “Tumbling Dice” lyrics.

Always in a hurry, I never stop to worry
Don’t see the time flashin’ by
Honey, got no money
I’m all sixes and sevens and nines
Say now, baby, I’m the rank outsider
You can be my partner in crime

Baby, I can’t stay
You got to roll me and call me the tumbling
Roll me and call me the tumbling dice
Baby, oh my

h/t to

Although I like the studio (’72) version better for tempo, piano, and familiarity, watching performers play their music in concert fascinates me. The little side winks, grins, and double-takes are extra flavoring, bringing in a sharper human side. So I went with with both a studio version and a 1974 recorded live version so you can hear the difference and decide which you prefer. With either, it’s a good party moment when they come to that chorus, “Baby. I can’t stay.” People enjoy belting that out.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

Salutations, and welcome to another Monday, the last of March’s Mondays, making it March 29, 2021. Or is it being March 29, 2021 that makes it Monday?

Sol snuck in around 6:59 AM in Ashland! Woo hoo! Solar exit for our spring-blessed land is anticipated at 7:33 PM Pacific. All kinds of problems are expected if the sun doesn’t do its thing then.

We’re rejoicing in the household. Ever Given, ever stuck — well, six days and nights — in the Suez Canal is finally free. I haven’t read much about it. I’m waiting for the movie. I think Tom Hanks will star in some capacity.

Yesterday was a quintessential spring day. Bold sunshine, warm air, and temperatures that briefly clipped 70 degrees F. I had high hopes for yard work but was sucked into a reading vortex. Nothing that I could do broke the book’s hold. Like I tried (sarcasm). I needed to read it all the way through. Except for eating and some light cleaning and of course, floofwork, reading and writing was all I did. Grand.

Today’s song is a one-hit wonder for Jo Jo Gunne. Called “Run, Run, Run”, the song hit charted number six in the U.K in 1972 but didn’t crack the top ten elsewhere. Haven’t a notion about the Wayback Machine’s machinations in delivering it to my mind’s surface thoughts on this March day. Well, it came about last night while I was gazing out the window, admiring the impending sunset and the illuminating effect on a clot of clouds being lit from behind. See the connection? Neither do I. The records show I selected this as a theme song back in 2019 PC but I was running at the time.

Hope you sample and enjoy it. This video and sound isn’t top quality but I enjoy seeing the era’s hair and clothing. Watching the band play is a kick. Meanwhile, stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

Good morning. Welcome to Thursday, February 11, 2019. It’s already 40 degrees F outside, cloudy as a warm front drives in, with highs in the upper fifties. Today’s sunrise came at 7:13 AM. Sunset is expected at 5:38 PM.

What I’m watching: Second Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump, Day 3. Days 1 and 2 were riveting.

Today’s music came from listening to music (novel, I know). Released by the Doobie Brothers in 1972, the writer of “Listen to the Music”, Tom Johnston, said the motivation for the song was world peace. That makes it a good theme song for any day of the year.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, get vaccinated, try to exercise, drink moderately, eat well, laugh often, pray occasionally, and live all the time. Here’s the music.

Friday’s Theme Music

I was outside at midnight last night, just checking the sky. Clear, hovering around thirty degrees F in my backyard, moonlight flooded the area like Klieg lights. After a while of checking on Jupiter, the stars, and the moon, songs about moonlight and the moon swung into my musical mental stream. I imagine that, like me, a plethora of them shot right to the forefront of your minds. But as I took my final breaths, shivered, and wondered why I wasn’t wearing shoes (or at least slippers or socks) on the cold patio cement, the “Dancing in the Moonlight” cover by King Harvest (1972) won out.

So here we go. Have a good Friday, or whatever day you’re on. Wear a mask, please. Cheers

Dancing in the Moonlight (Original Recording) – King Harvest – YouTube

Tuesday’s Theme Music

A rough night culminated in late slumber that ended with a dream and music.

I’ve posted “Highway Star'” by Deep Purple here before, but it was in my dream, so I thought I’d stay with it. It was the live version from their Made in Japan album, 1972. I had that album and used to listen to it at ear-bleeding levels. It’s a damn intense, unrelenting song, an eruption of unapologetic rock, almost to such levels that it’s parody.

Here it is, the looonnng live version, fresh from ’72.

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