Dynfloofsy (floofinition) – Powerful group or family of animals that maintains a prominent position for a considerable time.

In use: “Although they had three large male dogs and two large male cats, Jade and her female successors established a dynfloofsy, decreeing they controlled laps, food bowls, and the best sleeping places. Just a look from one of them enforced their royal edicts.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

In a befuddled state of mind. Was traveling so the day of the week and my psyche are misaligned. Is this Tuesday, I asked myself. No, thinking verified, remembered, they picked up trash yesterday (oh, yeah), followed by Fitbit on the wrist validation. It’s Wednesday. Okay. We’re starting to synchronize. Wednesday, 7/28/2021. I guessed sunrise was about 6:00 AM and sunset would be about 8:34 PM. Nailed sunrise but sunset is at 8:36 PM.

We’ve resumed standard summer fare. Yesterday remained cloudy all day. Morning showers surprised us a few times. Nothing more came of it but temps were cool. We’ve been presented an azure slate today. Expect temperatures to range into the upper nineties.

No smoke from wildfires. Knock on wood. Know they’re out there. Bootleg fire is over 400,000 acres. Fifty-three percent contained. Lava fire is 78% contained. Jack fire is 60%. They’re an hour to two hours east, south, north. Nothing burning to the west. Yeah, knock wood.

I have “Roll Over Beethoven” hovering in my head today. It began with trying to roll over in bed and finding myself trapped by others, unable to roll over. After grunting through that otherwise silent struggle (followed by annoyed feline appraisals) and reflecting on dreams, the Beatle version of the song went through. Then, for whatever reasons, I compared it to the Chuck Berry original. Next came the ELO version. When I was thinking about the song this morning after I awoke, I found this live ELO version happening. Enjoyed it. So here it is.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, get the vax, and keep rockin’. Here’s the music. Cheers

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