Floofy Foot

Baby, I’m thunderfoot

Always underfoot

making it hard for you to

move your foot

loving your foot

sleeping on your foot

licking your toes and

biting your foot

leaving drool on your foot

and chasing your foot

making you dance to keep me

from your foot

cause I’m thunderfoot

always underfoot

just another playful

floofy foot

Flooflympic Games

Flooflympic Games (floofinition) – Panfloofic festival held every fourth year, made up of sports, music, story-telling, and other contests, with the victor’s prize a crown of treats.

In use: “Rex was a Flooflympic Games champion three times over, taking top honors in the bed jump, treat begging, and sad eyes competitions.”

A Dad Dream

Dad called me in my dream. Told me that he wanted me to be more like I used to be. “How was that?” I asked. “Silly. Goofy. Fun-loving,” he answered.

I didn’t know I’d changed. A lot was happening in dream world, so I ended the call. Part of what was happening were politicians making speeches. One was a woman. POC. Married to a white male with silver hair. Hubby was pretty much an idiot. He marched up and down the street making ludicrous announcements. I kept thinking, no, that’s not right. I heard the pol state, “I think I’m just about done with him.”

Meanwhile, I was going around my compound. Showing it off. Explaining that I had plenty of room for a number of people to love. I had seventeen homes. Most were new. Brick. Two stories. Large yards. All set off asphalt streets.

So I’m involved, walking around, telling people about the houses, showing them what is what, talking to the pols, when Dad calls again. In the middle of doing multiple things, I answered the phone in a silly way, like, “Hello, this is Michael, unsecure line, U.S. Air Force.” As I’m speaking, I thinking, that’s wrong, what am I saying?

It was Dad. He was laughing. “That’s more like it. That’s how you used to be.”

We discuss that for a few. Then he says, “You should get military veterans to help you.”

I reply, “I have some.”

Then, like that, Dad and I are walking toward one another, hanging up our phones, as I point out veterans and tell him, “I have all kinds of veteran helping me take care of people and the houses. They’re all volunteers.”

Dad replies, “Well, that’s good. It looks like you have it all taken care of.”

Dream end.

Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunset. 8:37 PM. Darkness rolls in. Stars. Full moon. Breezes cool. Temperature drops. Meanwhile, the world turns. Sunrise. 5:57 AM. And we begin again, something that was started a long time ago and go for far longer time than most of us will know. Chuckle.

Today is July 25, 2021. It’s July’s last Sunday. Makes me want to write something called “Last Sunday”. Good prompt for multiple story vehicles.

High heat is on for today. And wildfire smoke. Yeah, it’s a dry heat.

I’m inclined toward “Uh huh” by Jade Bird (2018) today. Hadn’t heard it for a few years, then heard it yesterday. Reminded me of how much I enjoy the song. Good background music for my head as I’m going about my activities. Song is humorous commentary to me and I like the beat and song style.

So, here we go. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask when needed, get that vax. Almost started singing “Come Together” in my head, thinking, if we come together, we can beat this thing. Anyway, music. Cheers

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