Sunday’s Theme Music

25 degrees F when I got up at a few minutes ‘afore seven. Up to 30 now, a positive movement. We expect a high of 52 and the blinding progressing through an unmarred blue background will probably make it happen.

Today is Sunday, February 7, 2021, called Super Sunday because it’s the first Sunday in February. I don’t know the history of that. Our charming sunrise was 7:18 AM. Sunset is expected at 5:33 PM.

Plans are afoot for today. We went shopping for fresh produce this morning. I’m thinking of going for a walk, need to write — yes, need — and I want to call Mom (yes, been too long). I’ll also watch the Superbowl championship between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady — oh, I mean the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I got no skin in the game so I should I enjoy it.

Besides that, I’m reading. Also following Qanon theories about what’s happening with Trump. I read that after the impeachment trial, he’s gaining super powers and will vanquish all the evil from America.

My wife, hearing that, wondered, “Do they ever look at him?” I explained to her that what she and I see is a disguise to fool us into thinking he’s an overweight, out of shape, rapidly aging man. True believers have special glasses that allow them to see the real him. These special glasses also allow them to see other truths that escape the rest of us. That’s why the fake news media doesn’t fool them…

Had a song in my head as I was shopping. I always remember the words wrong, but I know this, so I indulge myself. The song is “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde. That 1981 release is the only song of hers I know. I always think the words go, “Listen to the music go ’round”. That’s why it was in my head this AM; I was being a bobble head, listening to the music in my head go round.

BTW, did you see Phoebe Bridgers on SNL this week? Didn’t think much of the first song, but the second song, “I Know the End”, slowly drew me in. I had the captions on so I was reading what she was singing. As she sang, she gained a mysterious smile. Then, as the music went higher and faster, she started screaming. She ended by beating her guitar against the monitor. My wife was unimpressed (“I want music I can sing with or dance to”) but I was fascinated. Going to watch it again.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get vaccinated. Then listen to the music go round.

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