A Black Beard Dream

This struck me as hilarious. In the midst of other dream action, I came to discover that I’d grown a tremendously thick beard, light gray in color. Preparing to go off to do business, I thought I’d trim it back with an electric razor. Interruptions kept occurring, limiting continuity. In an attempt to get it done, I was trimming it without a mirror. Since It was so long, broad, and heavy, I didn’t see any harm in that; I’d trim it back, and then tighten it up and make it neater.

Now, nearing the time to leave and wanting to look more presentable, I gathered myself in front of a mirror. Behold, where I’d trimmed the beard back, it was a luscious and glossy black. As I was cutting back from below, that meant that I had gray up around my mouth and chin. I was so pleased and astonished by the deep black beard revealed, I thought, I should trim off that gray and make it black, too.

I cut into the beard as planned but was horrified to see that the cut didn’t come out as planned. But on second look, the cut did a service by revealing more of my face. I thought, I need to do more of that. As I was doing so is when the dream ended.

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