Tuesday’s Theme Music

This is another cat-inspired choice, but also reflects on politics, life, you know…general stuff.

The lines which came to head this AM when cat dealing was, “You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re in and you’re in and you’re out.” Twenty-seven degrees outside, Youngblood (aka Meep, Papa, and the Ginger Blade) was testing a theory that if he came in and stayed two seconds, it’ll magically warm up outside.

With part of that song — Katy Perry, “Hot n Cold” (2008) — already in me, I started reading the latest Trump fiasco. He wants bigger stimulus checks all of a sudden. This after doing jack for months. This after sending in Mnuchen to negotiate with Congressional leaders to deliver the package that he didn’t want to sign, the one with smaller checks, less benefits, and, in Trump’s words, “pork-laden”. But, ahem, your man was in there doing your biddin’. And, ahem, that’s your GOP at work. So, ahem. Ah, hot and cold. He was in and out, as always. Just like his guidance for COVID-19. Wear a mask. Don’t. I never do. But you should. I’m the greatest. Now I’m outta here. Gotta go golf. But I’m always working.

It’s also a good song for NFL teams. Pittsburgh down 24-7, doing nothing, come back to win 28-24. Cold, then hot. Ah, we’re all hot then we’re cold, or cold, then we’re out, in, and then hot. Change is the only constant. You gotta keep up.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get vaccinated. Over and out.

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