Lita Floof

Lita Floof (floofinition) – Hard flock (floof rock) guitarist, singer, and songwriter born in Floofland but raised in Floofmerica, successful as a member of an all-floof band (The Floofaways) as well as a solo artist.

In use: “Known for the hard-rocking song, “Pet Me Deadly”, the song, “Pet My Tum Forever” (a duet with Floofy Floofsbourne) is her highest charting song in the Floofnited States.”

A Vindication Dream

Had another night of uplifting and validating dreams. One stood out for me.

I was in Germany. To begin, I was racing down to get somewhere in my old white BMW 2002, but was forced to slow down abruptly, which I did. A divided road in a modern business area, it seemed strikingly familiar. After parking, I went in and found a friend, Jim. We were there to take classes. Not many people were in class, both men and women, of my age. Held outside, it was being taught in English. I don’t know the subject. Sessions flashed by, and then it was time for lunch. Jim and I walked down to a place together, following a general stream of people going as we did, just chatting along the way. Reaching a place we thought a restaurant, we entered and ascended different levels. At first, I searched for food. Then I needed a water closet. I thought I found one on the top floor, but when I opened it and entered, I found three children occupying it.

Backing out and away, I discovered that I didn’t know where Jim was, so I headed back to the class location. Few were around, but I encountered a pieced of masonry falling off a wall. As I tried to put it back, others told me, no, they want that removed because they’re replacing it. I didn’t think that would work because the wall beneath it was crumbling, but I figured the workmen and masons would know what they were doing.

Having time to kill, I found a place to nap on a heavy brown blanket in a low shelter where others were sitting. When I awoke, I discovered a man and a girl pantomiming around me. I guessed that I was on their blanket. The girl was upset that I was in her space, but the man was gesturing, ‘what could I do?’ Getting the message, I moved away.

Class was re-commencing anyway. We were directed to stand in a squad ranked by our height. I didn’t hear the directions being given but others helped me. A woman to my right called for our attention. We were to sing and harmonize. She spoke some words. A woman to my right in class sang them in a clear, high voice. I chose to counter it with a flat bass. We repeated that twice, and then the female director told us all to step. She had the woman and I repeat what we’d done. We did. The director announced, “Perfect. That’s exactly what we’re looking for. Stay right there.” Then she went off.

I felt flattered and vindicated, but also embarrassed as everyone started talking to me about what I was doing. I replied, I just did what I felt was right.

The dream ended.

Monday’s Theme Music

Nice to wakey to some sunshine. Yesterday stayed a dark day, as if the day mechanism was stuck, unable to bring day to fullness.

Don’t know the roots of today’s song in my thinking. Just came to me as I was making the bed. “It’s A Heartache” was recorded and released by Bonnie Tyler in 1978, becoming a major hit for her in several countries.

Hope you enjoy the choice. The song starts slow and flat, almost a country and western dirge to my ears, and then builds. Remember, stay positive, test negative, and wear a mask.


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