Cherry Floof

Cherry Floof (floofinition) – Floofmerican floof rock (flock) musical band. Formed in Floofbenville, Floofhio in 1970, they incorporated funk elements and found success, remaining active until 1979.

In use: “Cherry Floof found its greatest success with “Play that Floofy Music” in 1976, featuring the line, ‘Play that floofy music, white dog.'”


Floofworn (floofinition) – 1. State of weariness brought on by caring for animals.

In use: “Caring for his cat as it coped with cancer, he was floofworn, and sad that the inevitable seemed upon them.”

2. A tired, weary animal.

In use: “After Hurricane Katrina, they started picking up floofworn pets that they found, the beginning of a massive animal rescue operation.”

3. Something worn out or damaged by an animal’s constant use.

In use: “They’d given the little orphaned puppy a doll to cuddle with, and with the years he’d had it, it was floofworn and frayed.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

I ended up with a political spin on a love song today. The song, from 1997, is “If You Could Only See” by Tonic. It came to me as I read some interview with another Republican insisting that the election is a fraud and everything must be tossed out. They don’t want a do-over, mind you: they just want Trump declared the winner. Never mind any facts that say anything about the election’s validity. Some nefarious, shadowy and powerful individual allowed Trump to be elected four years ago, let him run the country, but now said, “Oh, but enough. We will rig the election so he loses.”

Such bizarre reasoning always prompts wonder in me. Why do they so love Trump? Why do they put so much faith in unproven conspiracies? Why do they believe statements shown to be lies and fabrication?

Yeah, we have theories about it all. It brought some lines from Tonic’s song into my mental stream this AM.

Well you got your reasons.
And you got your lies.
And you got your manipulations.

That sums it up for me. Strange reasoning, reinforced by lies and manipulation. Truly, this song from 1997 is proper for this era in 2020. Stay positive, test negative, and mask up. Cheers

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