A Change Dream

Dreamed I had a large house. One story, it was white and long, like an extended ranch, with many windows. Attached to one end of it was a business in a garage. The unspecified business, now closed, used to be a hangout for gangs and drug dealers.

This was about me, but I wasn’t the me that I am now; I looked different and had a young family. Someone told me that the business used to be used for different gang meetings, the first I learned of it. Gang members, motorcyclists, white supremacists, etc., kept showing up. I was turning them away but worried about my family. The only weapon I could find was an air rifle. I used that, constant vigilance, and threats to call the police to keep them at bay. That didn’t stop them from breaking in a few times and insisting they had a right to be in the business because that’s how it used to be. Sometimes, they would try to sneak in on the other end of the house. I kept telling them, sorry, you need to go because that’s all changed.

Despite this short synopsis, it was a lengthy dream. No violence ever took place, it was taut with tension throughout.

Friday’s Theme Music

Well, this is definitely a redux.

I enjoy Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s Christmas duet of “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” from 1977. I was stationed in the Philippines that year and didn’t see it for over another year. I enjoy the two of them together, legends in their own right, and wildly different. Crosby was 73, and Bowie was 30. Newsweek’s tale of the two is entertaining reading. The banter and setup is true to that television era, and makes me cringe a bit, but their voices blend well.

Happy Christmas to you. Stay positive, test negative, and wear a mask.

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