Saturday’s Theme Music

A little late getting here today.

For that, blame my ‘puter. It suffered a severe case of Microsoftitis.

Last night, the blessed machine told me, “Install Updates and Shutdown”? Why, yes, seems reasonable.

The little machine went about its business for a while. Percentages passed. Twelve…fourteen…eighteen…twenty-three.

I drifted away for a time. On my return, the machine said, “Couldn’t install update. Trying again.”

Okay, go for it.

Off I went to do other things. The machine was shut down when I returned. Well, it must’ve succeeded.

Maybe yes, maybe no. I experienced the latest version of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and went into an endless loop of trying to start, failing to start, running diagnostics, failing to repair the problem (kmode_exception_not_handled). Taking matters on for myself, I ran various diagnostics. They claimed that everything was great. Updated BIOS. It was great. Checked the image. Super-duper. Well, WTF?

Tried Restore Point. Failed: unspecified error OxO8OO70570. Using another computer, I looked for solutions. Tried logging into safe mode but couldn’t.

Geez. Eventually, I again refreshed and reinstalled matters.

(Funny, but just the other day, I mentioned that I felt great, but I was anxious, because this is 2020, and 2020 has a habit of biting people in the ass, as it did me today.)

Onto the music. Today’s song is Paul Simon’s 1980 hit, “Late in the Evening”. For him, it was late in the evening, and the music’s seeping through. For me, it was late in the evening, and all the news and my writing muse was seeping through. I swear, the muse seemed like she’d guzzled tankloads of coffee. Or maybe she’d gulped down sugar. Whatever it was, she was hyper-active. All her ideas just kept seeping through.

So here we go. Since I liked Simon and Garfunkel and enjoy recorded ‘live’ performances, I’m offering up S&G in Central Park. As always, hello, and see you later.

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