Sunday’s Theme Music

It’s supposed to reach 99 F today. They’re telling us, tomorrow, it’s gonna get hot.

Today is Sunday, the 24th day of July in the common era year of 2022.

Our thermometers hover at 12 C right now, which is not bad. We’ll surge over 100 F tomorrow, and hang around that territory for the week, where much of the U.S. is already residing this July. Clouds have been peeled away, leaving a blue veneer that inspires paintings. Sunrise kicked off the daylight hours at 5:56 this morning. Night will commence after sunset at 8:38 PM.

“Tired of Toein’ the Line” by Rocky Burnett from 1980 is in the morning mental music stream. The Neurons put it there after a conversation with the cats. They seemed to be telling me that they’re tired of toeing the line, breaking out in zoomies and galloping in and out of the house, their response to me telling them that it’s gonna be hot so they need to take care of themselves and toe the line some to stay safe and healthy. Their demo ended when Papi raced in and threw himself down across from me. Fixing a steady amber gaze on me, he seemed to be saying, “That’s what I think of your line.”

Well, they were acting out but I’m sure they got the message. They’re not stupid, just independent and a bit mocking. Tucker is less so, being older.

While I heard the song, I had no clues about its year or performer nor even the title. I guessed at the last and suspected that it was related to 1980. I’d been thinking about that year. Living in San Antonio, it was the first time that my wife and I expected consecutive days over 100 F, and we went through twelve of them that summer. Had to search the net to bring it all together.

Okay, stay positive and test negative, keep cool and take precautions as needed to protect thyself and others. Gonna get hot coffee before it gets too hot out to enjoy, right? Here’s the tune. Do you know it?

Peace out.

Sunday’s Theme Music

You are here, on Friday, Jun 10, 2021. No, no, wait…stupid time machine. (Yeah, don’t tell me that you think it’s operator error.)

Take two. You are here, on Sunday, July 10, 2022. 18 C outside now, we expect the numbers to strike 87 F before the sun winds down its act at 8:48 PM. The sun tapped danced in through the trees and o’er the hills and mountains at 5:42 this morning. Clouds are absent again, though haze blurs the western horizon. The mornings have been starting out cloudless but clouds drop in later in the day, sailing through on their way to somewhere else. A scorcher is anticipated for tomorrow — 98 F — which kicks off a series of days in the nineties. No triple digits are expected. I’m heading for the coast, though. Much different conditions will rule by the Pacific.

As I was sitting on my throne this morning, The Neurons gifted me with “All Night Long” by Joe Walsh, a song which has been featured as the theme music before. Honest bafflement on my end met their choice. “What is this? A joke?”

The Neurons scoffed and snickered. “Yeah, a joke.”

I often do not understand them. I think they might be young neurons.

Stay positive and test negative, if you will. Two more friends notified us that they were COVID pos yesterday. We’ve been masking and isolating for the most part. Haven’t seen my friends for a beer for two weeks. (Start sad string music.) Didn’t even go out for the 4th or my birthday. Yeah, going to the coast tomorrow, but it’s with a lot of trepidation.

Maybe coffee will help me. I’ll try it. Here’s the tune. It’s a rockin’ one. Cheers

Friday’s Theme Music

Tired this morning. Feels like a Friday.

Yeah, it is a Friday. May’s final Friday for 2022.

It’s a chilly one, rain and clouds moving in, asserting their influences, sending the sun under cover. Sunrise was before I rose, 5:40 AM. Sunset is due at 8:36 this evening. Our temp now is 52 F and we only expect 67 while undergoing showers throughout the day. BYOL: bring your own loofah.

The neurons have Journey singing “Any Way You Want It” from 19 what playing in the morning mental music stream. This is a response to the felines and their food demands and petulance. I was just giving in, like, “If that’s the way you need it,” etc, and the neurons jumped all over it. The video is a kick to watch, with its throwback to a mechanical jukebox sliding vinyl in to be heard. Then there’s the boys in the band, long hair and skinny bods, sneers and smirks, rocking away.

Coffee needed. And brekkie. Stomach is telling the neurons stop with the typing thing and feed me, Seymour. Stay positive and test neggy. Wear masks as needed, when needed, etc. Here’s the music. I’m off to answer other needs. Cheers

Sunday’s Theme Music

4/3/2022, A Sunday, with a lazy, milquetoast sun, and a low energy motor. April’s first Sunday is gonna be mellow, it proclaims. Were this a thriller or murder mystery, or a disaster film, something would happen to shake the calm and enliven the day with screams. So far, nothing — but it’s early.

Not that I want it. I have coffee. Would prefer to just motor on in a quiet way.

Temperature is a chilly 42, and yes, others say, I’ll take that, because they’re freezing their butts off or dealing with snow. I hear you, and I understand. Supposed to reach 62 F here. The sun wandered in at 6:50 AM, scratching itself, mumbling “Whatssup,” through a yawn. It’ll wander back away at 7:39 PM. The clouds, like the sun and me, seem to lack the energy to be more than a white wisp of stretched thought, the kind of thinking when you say, “I’m hungry,” and someone else asks you, “What do you want to eat,” and you answer, “I don’t know.”

The neurons continue messing with my head. I don’t know what I’ve ever done to them but they’re a bit cranky, energetic and lazy at the same time, like sullen teenagers feeling their hormones and wandering what to do with them. First the neurons pushed Olivia Newton John music on me — “Have you never been mellow” — followed by Melanie singing, “Look what they’ve done to my song, ma,” followed by the German version that was a larger hit. I mumbled something about needing change, fast. The neurons responded with impressive speed, playing the Ramones, “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?” from 1980. It’s not speeding around and around the morning mental music stream like race cars at the Indy 500.

Got my coffee, yeah. Stay positive, test negative, and so on. Reading a novel where their future mentions in passing, COVID-19, COVID-23, and COVID-27. It’s a startling thing to do in passing.

Here’s the music. Cheers

Friday’s Theme Music

It’s snowing again! That’s pretty unusual for us in Ashland. This whole situation is unusual. We generally don’t receive so much snow. When we do, we all remember it. And, usually when snow is received like this, the sun bursts out of cover and melts it all away. That the snow has lingered, that it’s snowed multiple days, that the temperatures are staying on the cold side, are all departures from the norm.

Today is Friday, the final day of 2021, December 31. The temperature is 33 degrees so the snow isn’t staying. Just landing on top of old stuff, covering the street, then melting away, even as more snow falls. I guess this is technically snow flurries or snow showers.

Sunrise was a gray affair at 7:40 AM. We’ll lose our graylight at 4:49 PM.

A 1980 Judas Priest song, “Living After Midnight”, is playing in the morning mental music stream. This was a gift from the cats. One decided to imitate Paul Revere’s midnight ride and gallop around the house. The other cats were instantly concerned about this energetic burst. Checking the time, I saw it was just after one AM. That triggered the line, “I took the city ’bout one a.m. Loaded. Loaded.” The lines were changed to reflect the moment: “I took the house ’bout one a.m. Meowing. Meowing. The weird thing about this song is it never sounds like Judas Priest to me. Seems too pop. But it’s a good song for New Year’s Eve, innit? Yes! Happy New Year’s. See you after midnight. See who’s still rocking besides the cats.

Stay positive, test negative. Wear a mask as needed, avoid cruise ships, and get the jabs and coffee when you can. I got my jabs. Now I’m gonna get my coffee. Cheers from the snowside.

Friday’s Theme Music

Hi, Friheads. It’s 31 degrees F on this sunny Friday morning. Today’s date is December 10, 2021. The high will be 36 F. The burst of gold we call sunrise struck at 7:28 AM and the sun parade will cease at 4:39 this afternoon.

We’re calling it sunny but a flotilla of long, sketchy clouds are cruising the altitudes, pulling a foggy net behind them. Then the sun fires beams at the fog and zips it away. Looks like the weather might be variable today.

I don’t know why, but REO Speedwagon’s 1980 song, “Keep On Loving You”, inhabits the morning mental music stream. Bit mellow for this Friday AM. I was thinking that I needed something with a hard beat to stir my feet. I reflected on the lyrics for a while, looking for a connection. It came out just before our move to Okinawa on military assignment. I listened to the song quite a bit on the rock but I can’t connect dots between now and then. Something with the dreams? Can’t address that. Only remember two and half dreams from last night. Nothing in them relates to the song. Cats? Doesn’t seem to be. They’ve headed outside, into the sunshine, despite the cold air temp. Wife? Perhaps something on the subconscious level is there. Or maybe it’s a response to life. Feeling a little down and weary this AM. It’s a monthly thing, where the effort and tedium just sucks the joy out down to the dregs. Life dregs are like coffee dregs: cold, black, and bitter.

Well, stay positive! (Ha, ha.) Test negative, wear a mask as needed — have you been following the Omicron developments? — and get the jabs when you can. Reading this morning that Omicron might cause the pandemic of the vaxxed, and they’re suggesting that everyone needs a boost. Got boost? I do. Hope you do as well.

Here’s my coffee. Oh, sorry, you’re looking for the music. Here’s the music. Have a better one. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Sunshine glittered off the trees and cracked through the windows at 7:19 AM on this November 30, 2021 morning. Two hours later, fog stole the light and cast shadows across hopes for a bright, sunny day. The temperature was 51 F; now it’s 45. The expected high is 62 so we’re expecting change to come.

Hello, fellow Earthfarers. Today is Tuesday, the final day of the eleventh month of the year. 2021 is drawing down. Yet, it will all go on with a new set of numbers and labels. Same day, different year.

I have Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” from 1980 occupying the morning mental music stream. This is directly dream related. As I noodled through recalling my dreams, one about change stood out. From that, I came to think of this song. I remember hearing it for the first while I was at home listening to an offbeat FM rock station in San Antonio, TX. That station played many tunes that didn’t find regular airplay on other stations. The song resonated with me, although I, a white male in America, have always had it pretty good. I looked up the lyrics later.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get some jabs. Here’s the song, a reflective tune for a fog-swathed morning. Wait…is that sunshine?

Not holding my breath. Just sipping my coffee. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

Hooray! Hurrah! Hoozah! It’s Monday, October 11, 2021. Indigenous People’s Day. Federal holiday in the U.S., for those keeping score at home. Was once upon a time called Columbus Day. But his truth caught up to his myth.

Drizzle and fog blanket the autumn colors outside. Winter’s sharp air is already cutting in on fall’s dance. 49 F right now. Just one short of the predicted high. Low will be 28 F. Freeze warnings are out there. We bedded down the garden for the season yesterday. Watched football, read books, ate soup, drank coffee and hot chocolate. Separately.

Sunrise pricked our gray world with feeble rays this AM at 7:19 AM. Sunset cometh at 6:39 PM. Our daylight period continues its shrinking ways.

Finished Ferrante’s “Lying Lives of Adults” yesterday. I enjoy her writing style. But I was dubious of some of the thinking and self-awareness assigned to a fourteen/fifteen year old female teenager. I guess I compared her to me and people I knew at that age, prompting my dubious reaction. The book invited cogitation about humans and relationships, though, and life in general. You could read much between scenes and characters, understand underlying extensions of what’s going on because so much of the situations are familiar to most of us: affairs. Confusion about sex. Crushes and love. Struggling to understand our bodies and relationships. A good read.

Have The Clash with “Train in Vain” (1980) in my morning mental music stream. Can’t ascribe a reason why. It’s just pulled into the head and took up residence.

You didn’t stand by me
No, not at all
You didn’t stand by me
No way

h/t to

Well, stay positive and test negative. Wear a mask as needed by the situation. Get vaccinated. Sip some coffee, as Ima gonna do. Enjoy life, if you can. Here’s the music. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Hallooo. Today is Tuesday, October 5, 2021. High, marbled clouds, threadbare white in major stretches, strung out over pale blues, color the sky. Sunrise barely crept into it. Giving us light but we’ve yet to see the true sun behind all of that. Came in early. 7:12 AM. But the blinds were drawn so the house was dark. Already missing that early morning light lift. Sunrise will come 6:48 PM. Temps are now at 60 F, will hit 70 F. Boy, you should see the shimmering maples showing off their dark wine coats. So lovely, but the black walnut trees counter with majestic bright yellows. Easy to get drunk on these displays.

We had a surprise reveal this week. We’re going to a local Halloween concert at the month’s end. “Sleepy Hollow ” theme. Indoors. The organization behind it has set up the orchestra and audience to be socially distanced. Audience members will wear masks the entire time. They will also be seated in pods. You can buy tickets together and sit together. Six feet between pods. And show proof of vaccination before being admitted. All band members are vaccinated, too. We have friends in the band, so we want to see them perform and support them. Although we have some trepidation, we’re going to risk it. Asked a friend if she wants to go as part of our pod.

No. She does not want to go. She went and stayed with friends in San Diego for ten days. Just returned a week ago. Didn’t mask at all doing that time. Won’t wear a mask again. she declares. Disturbing on many levels. But she’s come back and seems okay. Yet. She may be carrying but asymptomatic. She’s 82. Husband is 89. Has all manner of respiratory and health problems. Both are vaccinated but her decision and attitude surprise me. Although…hate mentioning this, but she voted for DJT. Twice.

Ah, well. We’ll continue masking and will avoid contact with them. They’re still our friends. It’s a tough balance to maintain.

To the music! John Lennon’s “(Just Like) Starting Over” (1980) is buzzing through the morning’s mental music stream. I like its do-wop aspect. Came to me because so many things we do, it’s like, here we go again. Almost feels like we’re starting over. Starting over with advantages gleaned through maturing and surviving, experiencing life, and having some financial security. But, starting over because of the energy requirements to do things. Take cleaning the house. Please. It gets dirty. Not significantly — no. Despite my wife’s declarations that, “This house is filthy,” because she views the world through polarized lenses that don’t allow for any gray, the house is never filthy. Mildly dusty, maybe. Some dirty dishes soaking in the sink sometimes. But all clothes put away. And everything tidy and orderly.

Yet, when I go in and clean the kitchen, it feels like starting over. Everything must be done again. Like starting over. It is, isn’t it? It all must be cleaned anew. The bed must be made again. Litter boxes cleaned. Car washed. Yard work done. Furniture dusted and polished. These are my things, in the main. We both load the dishwasher. Empty it. She does the hardwood floors and laundry. We both fold and put it away. We both vacuum.

Okay, now that I’ve explained our delineation of chores, are you ready for a pop quiz? No? Good, because I’m not ready to do one, either. Have none prepared.

Let’s get on with it. Stay positive as best that you can. Know it’s hard. Some days, it’s like starting over. Again. Test negative. Wear a mask as needed. Get the vaxxes and boosters. Sing and dance. Here’s the music. Where’s my coffee? Cheers

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Hello, all you hep cats. Today is Wednesday, September 29, 2021. A sluggish sunrise sifted apricot hues over the valley at 7:06 AM. Sunset will be at 6:56 PM. Clear skies triumph. Temperatures sank to 42 F overnight but have climbed into the fifties at this point. We expect a high of seventy or higher today.

On a side note, wouldn’t it be amusing and chaotic if the cultural climate, politics, and technology reflected the temperature? Thinking of the US, of course. That’s what I know. With the temperature in the 50s, I look out to see 1950 Chevies, Cadillacs, and Fords go by. People are dressed for the year. The net has gone down because it doesn’t exist. Neither does this computer. In fact, it won’t reach a temperature for me to have a laptop at hand. We’d reach the seventies today. Bellbottoms would abound.

I have a friend who uses the expression Hell’s bells quite often. This amuses me. I’d heard the expression often as a child by older adults, like Grandpa Paul. So I associate the expression to them. The friend who employs it isn’t as old as Grandpa — he would have been 130 years old at this point — and is only fifteen years older than me. But fifteen years older makes him eighty! You have to laugh at it, right? Anyway, in the context of thinking of him, I began using Hell’s bells to curse at some point of the day when something happened. Naturally, my mental music stream picked up on it and replied, “Playing ‘Hell’s Bells’ by AC/DC.” So now I have the song stuck in the stream. To be sure, it’s actually only the opening that’s stuck: my mind keep replying the song until the first chorus of “Hell’s bells” is sung. Then it starts again. Yes, I’m in a broken mental music stream loop. I keep hitting myself, hoping to jar it into normalcy. Ain’t working.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get vaccines and boosters. Here’s the song. Check out the video and how young AC/DC members look. Reflect on your own life and youth. Enjoy. Cheers

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