The ID Stack Dream

I was progressing through checkpoints…using four fake identifications.

To make them work, I was stacking the IDs on…automobile engines.

Each ID was a gray rectangular box, I’d guess 4″ (l) by 3″ (w) by 2″ high. Going along a line of cars, I’d open the car hoods and mix the four fake ones among the genuine ones in the cars, often putting it on top or second from the top. One car said, “Warning, your stack is too high.”

I went about lowering that stack. Some ‘real’ IDs crumbled. The stack become unstable, like a game of Jenga. I managed to balance them.

While I was going through this, a uniformed officer came by and asked for ID. I gave him one of the fake ones. After looking at it, he handed it to me and thanked me, using the name on the ID.

I replied, “Who?”

The officer said, “That’s the name on the ID.”

Laughing, I answered, “If you say so.”

Giving me a look, he turned away.

I didn’t care. I was busy stacking IDs.

What a fun dream it was.

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