A Seven Dream

Seven factored in last night’s featured dream.

My wife and I were at the cost. Staying in a hut on stilts, we were on a low porch where active waves crashed, sprayed, and tumbled around us. Others were in like huts. We were enjoying ourselves.

Seven green WWII era Army Jeeps roared off the beach into the rambunctious water. As I called out to my wife to look, I counted the vehicles. The Jeep drivers reversed the vehicles and went back through the waves onto the beach. I was full of admiration. “That’s how real Jeeps are driven.”

Looking out into the water, I saw seven seals in the waves coming toward the shore. Laughing and pointing, I called to my wife to look. “Look at these seals. There’s seven of them.” As the seals went under water, seven dolphins jumped out of the water over the waves, which I called out to my wife to see.

We then decided to go up on land. Leaving our hut’s porch, we went into the water. Warm, it came up to our knees. Going left, we waded around our hut and up the beach between huts. Looking down, I saw that our neighbors had caught seven silver fish. Pointing them out to my wife, I said, that’s what we need to do.”

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