Wednesday’s Theme Music

After waking up and getting up, songs filter in and out of my cogent stream. With a little surprise, I put together their identities:

“One” by U2 and “One” by Three Dog Night, “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Ethridge, “One” by Metallica, “Still the One” by Orleans, “I’m One” by the Who. Another one song, “She’s the One” by Bruce Springsteen finishes the list.


It becomes a quietly amusing background thinking game as I do other things, wondering why songs focused on one are in my mental stream. Not necessarily new; my mind has done this to me with other topics. But I can usually pinpoint the root. It’s different today, as I don’t know what’s kicking one into the stream.

I also wonder, why those songs, and not other songs with one in them. Or maybe other songs with one played in my head but I forgot.

Oh, well. After all that, I settled on a Wallflowers favorite from 1997, “One Headlight”. That’s today’s theme music.

So long ago I don’t remember when
that’s when they said I lost my only friend
they said she died easy of a broke heart disease
as I listened through the cemetary trees

I seen the sun comin’ up at the funeral at dawn
with the long broken arm of human law
now it always seemed such a waste
she always had a pretty face
I wondered why she hung around this place

come on try a little
nothing is forever
there’s got to be something better than in the middle
me and cinderella
put it all together
we could drive it home
with one headlight

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Theme Music

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  1. I also wake up with a list of songs just keeps running in my head all interconnected with just one word. or just one song that will not get out of my mind the entire day. No idea what to do about that., except listen to it and watch it on youtube several times a day. sometimes, I pick another song to divert my attention from the one I woke up with, but it’s always the case where I also return to bed at night with the same song.
    I love this song featured here in this post. love the lyrics and the music.

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    1. Yes, I find this song’s lyrics thought-provoking about the images and connections. Perhaps that subconscious statum of connections is what spoke to me.

      I do the same to divert my mind from songs. Sometimes it works, but often I end up with a shuffle medley going on.

      Brains; they’re hard to understand.

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      1. he he. yes we will never quite understand how the brain and the mind work.
        I just love that nostalgic feeling when I hear a song and I cannot even recall or fathom that moment back in time, but its a nice unexplainable feeling. I guess its the unique sense of lyrics and music.

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