Atfloofsphere (floofinition) – The influence or setting made by animals’ presence, especially in places frequented by humans.

In use: “Young animals like puppies and kittens, often imbue homes with a playful, rambunctious atfloofsphere that humans find appealing.”

The Beach Floofs

The Beach Floofs (floofinition) – American floof and roll band. Formed in Califloofia in the early 1960s, the band became one of the most influential groups in the early floof rock (flock) movement and were inducted into the Flock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In use: “The early Beach Floofs sounds focused on cars, surfing, romance, and the Califloofia flock and roll sound. Some critics declared their album Floof Sounds to be one of the most important albums of the 1960s.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Yes, today I do have an earworm.

Cutting the grass and trimming trees last night. As I started, “Your Mama Don’t Dance” (1972) by Loggins & Messina began playing in my head. It continued throughout the evening as I sipped a beer afterwards and coped with a Hulu outage.

The song was playing like a radio alarm clock this morning. Earworm, I sighed.

So, I’m sharing it to dislodge it. It’s a trick that works. Please bear with me. I thought about going with a live version but it lacked the piano playing. I like the piano playing. I considered a Poison version, too, but, sorry, the L&M studio version remains my preference.

That is all.

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