Floofquarters (floofinition) – 1. Place or part of a place set aside for animals.

In use: “Many people who foster kittens, puppies, and other baby animals often set up a room as floofquarters, a sanctuary where the young animals can recover and flourish.”

2. Administrative center of an enfloofprise.

In use: “One of the most successful of enfloofprises is The Sorting Box, a business run by animals to match animals with humans who will help and protect them, without the humans’ knowledge that they’ve been manipulated.”

3. Place from which the animal kingdom performs the functions of command.

In use: “Accessible only to animals, many cities and nations have a floofquarters installed where animals monitor human activities and try to help and protect animals.”


Quarterfloof (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) band formed in Floofland, Oregon, in 1980, notable for having a female lead singer who also played the floofophone.

In use: “Quarterfloof’s biggest hit, “Floofen My Heart”, caused confusion and controversy over the meaning of ‘floofen’ used throughout the song.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

Today’s song comes fresh out of the dream stream. I awoke singing the song Danny Elfman wrote that he can’t stand, “Weird Science” (Oingo Boingo, 1985). I’ve never seen the movie by the same name. Began watching to see if friends who loved it were right, but didn’t find it that weird, that funny, or that interesting, and too predictable.

As for the dreams…well, that’d be another post.

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