Sunday’s Theme Music

Today’s stream music arrived in my head because, what if?

The what if game is always a small diversion. The rules are to ask yourself to imagine how your existence would be different if you made a different decision, followed another path, or handled something in some other way than what you did.

What if you had gone to college?

What if you’d taken that job?

What if you’d married that person?

From that, in trickled Rob Thomas singing Matchbox Twenty’s song, “Real World”. It asks those questions about being in charge, or a superhero, among other things.

And it all has a direct link to writing yesterday. A big portion of my writing process is playing what if? It’s intriguing as part of the process because I’ll think that through, applying different ideas, possibilities, and outcomes, but when I sit down and write, it’s something completely different.

And that’s why writing entertains me.

Here’s the music.

Floofbox Twenty (FB20)

Floofbox Twenty (FB20) (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) band, formed the mid-1990s in Flooflando, Florida.

In use: “Floofbox Twenty, sometimes called FB20, achieved international success with their first album, Yourself, or Someone Like Floof, in 1996. One hit song was “Floof World”, a song about alternative lives.”

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