Floofcarer (floofinition) – One who cares for an animal by providing food, shelter, health care, etc.

In use: “As many have learned, Asha discovered becoming a floofcarer and tending to foster animals was tremendously rewarding. Each animal was a unique challenge who provided her love and joy in their own way.”

The Floofspring

The Floofspring (floofinition) – California floof punk rock (flunck) band formed in 1984 in Garden Grove, California.

In use: “One of The Floofspring’s most well-known songs is “Wake Up and Play”, which was a Floofboard Top 100 hit for the band.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Yet again, my brain selected a song and has put it on a loop for reasons that I can’t pinpoint.

This one may have to do with the neighbor’s cat passing away. Named Pepper — an independent cat of independent means chasing independent ways and independent dreams — I often called her sugar and sweetness. A tortie, she featured a coal black face with big golden eyes that seemed solemn but optimistic, and a clear, strong voice. So maybe her spirit kicked the song into my head.

Anyway, here is Robin Schulz with “Sugar” from 2015. It uses Baby Bash’s song, “Suga Suga” from 2003 to build upon. Just realized, too, according to my neighbor, Pepper was ‘supposedly’ (they weren’t pos) born in 2003. Admittedly, this song goes against my general principle of referring to women as bitches. Just don’t like it as an expression, attitude, or stereotype.

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