Confloofit (floofinition) 1. An event faked by animal as a diversion.

In use: “Growling and barking at a dog, the Schnauzer waited until everyone gathered to see what was going on, using the confloofit to run into the other room, grab a grilled hot dog off a plate, and haul ass.”

2. A path between animals.

In use: “Getting out of bed was difficult as a confloofit was made by sleeping animals who weren’t ready to awakened forced him to contort his body into uncomfortable positions to extricate himself from the bedding, get into the bathroom, and pee.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

“Thunder only happens when it’s raining.”

It wasn’t raining (at least around our house) but the thunder was relentless. Half the cats did a frenzied thunder-run to hide. The other two yawned.

I listened to the thunder, waited for the lightning, and remembered songs about thunder, lightning, and rain. The mental stream finally selected the Fleetwood Mac song, “Dreams” (1977). Ostensibly a reflective song about ending relationships, the line about the thunder always resonates with me.

It’s a very mellow song.

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