A House Dream

We were in a new home. In some ways, we seemed dissatisfied. The place was large and new. Despite that, there was a feeling that we needed to change it and make it our own.

My wife left on errands. While she was gone, we were overrun by cats. We had cats, but every time I looked around, new cats had arrived. Some were afraid of me and scurried out. Others ate without care.

While this was going on, I was trying to explore the house. There wasn’t any furniture or personal things yet. Those were due to arrive. I found we had a large, green yard surrounding our house. Part of a plan, we were on a paved road with other new houses. Plenty of space was between us.

Yet, something about the house continued to bug me. As I walked around, I realized the floor was tilted. It hadn’t been that way. I inspected the rooms while talking with the cats, trying to understand why the floors were tilted. Returning to the living room, I discovered a huge bulge in the floor.

My wife arrived back home in an annoyed mood, berating me for not ‘doing things’. As she went about, I tried telling her to look at the damn floor and the bulge, but she stayed focused on other things and kept talking. I finally said, “Will you stop and look?” in a loud, dramatic manner.

Glancing toward the bulge, she dismissed it as my fault.

That irritated me. I didn’t see how it was my fault, and didn’t care; it was a new house – less than a year old, I decided – so the builder should be responsible. I had to find the building.

In my underwear, I left to find the builder. As I went, I grew more concerned that if something wasn’t done, the house would collapse, or if we waited to take care of it, the builder would weasel out of responsibility. While walking in my underwear, I carried shorts with the idea that I would put them on. Every time that I tried, something convened to interfere and stop me.

Struggling on to find the builder, I came to a market and passed through it, trying to put my shorts on as I went. I discovered a black woman naked from the waist down. Not wanting to embarrass her, I looked away. She laughed at that, but I made it a point to stand in front of her with my back to her so that she could dress with some privacy, which she did. Then I put my shorts on.

I left the market and ran into my nephew. He said that he’d been by my house and that a pillar had gone through the roof. I was horrified. He told me that the same thing had happened to his house, and we needed to find the builder and have him take care of it.

I hurried home with my nephew to tell my wife. As I approached my home, I studied the roof. I didn’t see the pillar sticking up through it. When I turned to ask my nephew, he was walking to his car and about to leave.

That’s where the dream ended, giving me a lot to think about.

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