Future Uncertainty

Stumbled across this post I wrote about future uncertainty in 2017. Bannon is gone from the WH. The novel coronavirus pandemic has heightened the uncertainty surrounding many of my other future uncertainties. I’d say that time will tell, but given what’s happened, it’ll take a long time to resolve these future uncertainties.

Michael Seidel, writer

Steve Bannon faces some future uncertainty. Comments by the POTUS caused the uncertainty.

I feel for Mr. Bannon. His dire situation prompts me to confess: I, too, face an uncertain future.

I’ve been uncertain about whether to go public with my future uncertainty, but my uncertainty has been mounting. I’m so uncertain about my future, I’m not certain what I’ll have for lunch, or whether I’ll have a beer tonight. I’m also uncertain about the source of pain in my head. I’m uncertain about whether the current W.H. occupant will start a nuclear war or another American Civil War.

I know that I’m not alone in my future uncertainties. People are uncertain if they can find something to eat today or a safe place to sleep. They’re uncertain that they can survive another day of pain. Black Americans are often uncertain whether they’ll survive a traffic stop. Police officers are…

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  1. At this point, everything is uncertain. I wonder if our country will be able to get out of the huge debt load it’s building up. Even if my kids manage to get, or keep, their jobs, will they be taxed beyond their means? What kind of world do my grandchildren have to look forward to? The only thing that’s certain, is that nothing is certain anymore.

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