Saturday’s Theme Music

Today’s song came about into the stream as I was waiting for someone else.

Hello, I’ve waited here for you

Tonight, I throw myself into
And out of the red

Out of her head, she sang

h/t to

Of course, only the first line had a remote connection to what was going on. I was waiting, they came, we said a few things, and went on with our business. That’s a bit unlike the Foo Fighters’ song, “Everlong” (1997) about being happy in a relationship and realizing it was ending, and if anything will ever be as wonderful as that.

Yeah, been there, more than once. Once there’s a fracture in the relationship, it doesn’t seem like anything is ever the same again. From the break comes loss, confusion, and distrust. You put it behind you, but it nags like an ulcer on your lip.

Have a nice day!

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