Tuesday’s Theme Music

A news article brought today’s theme music to mind. I was reading about Lucy McBath’s electoral victory in Georgia. Her son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed in 2017 for being in a car where the music was being played too loud for a man with a gun and a grudge, Michael Dunn. Lucy McBath was running on a gun control platform, and the story about her victory included mention of Nena’s “Ninety-nine Red Balloons” (1983) (“99 Luftballoons”).

Naturally, my mind was hooked. Streaming the song immediately commenced. Well, I thought, this is clearly today’s theme music, just so I can push it back out of my head. I like the song, but I had other things going on in my head, and it was distracting.

I got into the car, and guess what was playing? Yarp, “Ninety-nine Red Balloons”. It ended. A Bee Gees song replaced it, so I flipped channels, where “Ninety-nine Red Balloons” was playing. First I thought, I wonder if that song was released on this day or this week, or if those folks read the same article that I read. Then I thought, well, that cements it. That song is destined to be today’s theme music.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Theme Music

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  1. Memories of being in junior high going through the end of the cold war. Having watched the television special The Day After and wondering what or where this world, this country was headed. Almost like present day, but this song was prominently playing on radio stations everywhere. It also reminds me of the movie The Watchmen, this song is on that films soundtrack. Awesome song, awesome movie.

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    1. Yes, my final overseas assignment with the military was in Germany from 1987 to 1991. Our mission was spying on the East Germans and Soviets, so we knew about the impending demise of the USSR and Soviet Bloc before many others from the intel we were gathering. 99 Red Balloons played often over there, of course.

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