Cattercalling (catfinition) – to go around a house, yard, or neighborhood, calling for a cat by their names, and making noises to get their attention, such as shaking kibble containers.

In use: “Whenever his floofs weren’t visible in his yard, he would start cattercalling them in an ever-widening circle until they answered, showed up, or were found sleeping in the house.”


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  1. I have a high-pitched kit-kit-kit-kit call I use to get the entire pride’s attention at once. When this call is accompanied by a rattling sound, they know I’ve gotten out the “shiny bug” (laser pointer) for them to chase.

    On the other hand, just running my fingernail over the teeth of a comb will attract Una’s attention even if she’s sleeping on the opposite side of the house. (Una takes kitty-grooming very seriously.)

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