Door Scratch Fever

Door Scratch Fever (DSF) (catfinition) – a nocturnal feline affliction characterized by a cat’s need to incessantly scratch on doors. Some cats suffer chronic DSF while others may come down with twelve and twenty-four hour variations. There is no known treatment.

In use: “Spring struck, and Quinn came down with a case of door scratch fever, wiping out any deep sleep for us.”


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  1. For indoor cats in particular, DSF may sometimes be brought on by Mouse-loss Syndrome, which is characterized by the loss (deliberate or otherwise) of a synthetic rodent (or other cat toy) under the edge of a door (or fridge, or furniture…)

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      1. The most common cause, though, seems to be a human behavior usually described as “closing the bathroom door.” IttyBitty is quite certain her human cannot take a shower without feline supervision, and she becomes anxious when he tries anyway.

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      2. Very true. A closed door often initiates a catpulsive obsessive need to get in the door. I believe cats think others might be eating something on the other side of the door, and they want in on it.

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