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You ever get the feeling that you’re playing a cosmic video game, but nobody has told you the rules, score, player, or objective?

Just wondering.

Monday’s Theme Music

Staying with Argent, I enjoy one of the early songs he wrote for The Zombies, “She’s Not There.” Although it’s been covered by many others, including Santana, I like the original.

It came out in 1964, when I was eight years old. I obviously learned it through repetitive play, mostly on the radio. Its melody seems reflective about the subject, while the words are bitter and wondering. I like the yin and yang feel to the combination.



Flooble (catfinition) – a confused or disorganized collection of cat toys and accessories; a disorganized clowder.

In use: “A flooble was kept in the cupboard to handle cat emergencies, like brushing their coats or entertaining them with toys.

Sunday’s Theme Music

Streaming from my childhood once again. I enjoy this song for its organ solo. Because of that, I prefer the long version. Thinking about the words, there aren’t many verses in the song. Most of us know the title lines: “Hold your head up.”

Here’s Argent, with Rod Argent (formerly of The Zombies, which must count for something) on keyboards.

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