The Intersection

I dreamed about my work in progress last night, specifically about the story-line now being addressed. My mind, being what it is, inserted me sometimes, so that I was part of the story. My mind, being what it is, would see that I was dreaming about my writing and including myself as a character, and then try to untangle me from the fiction being written. “I’m the writer. I’m not supposed to be in this story.” That would lead to dream-confusion among the dream participants (dreampants?) about what was going on. It was really…interesting.

Which, after awakening to think about it, demonstrates an intriguing intersection between who I am and how much I put of myself in my writing. Even when I deliberately decide to have a character do or speak in ways that I wouldn’t, that choice is based on what I’d be doing. My characters are composites of other people, but I’m essentially imagining how those folks would respond. I don’t know, though. I don’t have a secret window into their lives. I guess at what they’d do, twisting their responses into madness and lies, and courage and hypocrisy, betrayal and honor, all based on what I think I’ve heard them say and do, and the character’s arc. You all know how unreliable we are as witnesses. We color it all.

But in there, in the intersection between my dreams and imagination, and my choices and decisions, is where my writing takes place. Sometimes it’s a large intersection – or even a roundabout, with too many cars traveling too fast, all trying to change lanes and enter and exit at the same time – and other times, it’s two small animal paths meeting in a quiet field. Whichever intersection it is, I sort it and write.

Time to write like crazy, at least one more time.


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  1. “I’m the writer. I’m not supposed to be in this story.” Would this count as involuntary self-Tuckerization? Or is that only if you decide that the dream is “canon” and write whatever happened in it into the book?

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    1. Hah! Involuntary self-Tuckerization was an aspect I didn’t consider. Love it!

      No, the dream isn’t canon. It’s one of many streams. I don’t (consciously) decide which stream ends up in the novel (except that I select a remembered place to begin) but just sit down and let whatever pooled in my mind from the streams pour out. On this day, little of what happened in the dream in the novel made it into the writing because it was too disjointed (and I think that’s because I kept interrupting to excise the self- Tuckerization from the story). Plus, most of what was in the dream seemed to be setting and something like stage-direction.

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