The Real Meanings

Economists and politicians like to talk about recessions and inflation. But some think the real recessions are about hairlines, and inflation is about the waist line. It’s hard to do anything about either one of those, too.



Enfloofed (catfinition) – wrapped up by a cat, often by having them entwine their tails and legs around a person’s body while standing, or by curling up on top of a supine person.

In use:Grumewing, Quinn enfloofed Michael, stopping him from moving for fear of tripping, because his hands were full.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

I was stationed in Germany in the late 1980s, doing military service. I returned to America a few times for conferences. I’d usually visit family when I did.

So, visiting Dad in Helotes, Texas, I hear this song on the radio. And I think, I know that voice and that guitar, but I don’t know this song, and that guitar and that singer aren’t usually together. The vocalist was more distinctive. It sounded like John Waite.

Fortunately, I heard the song until the end, and this was a time and station where the song and group were mentioned at the end. The song, with a sort of fantasy sound to it, was “Forget Me Not,” and the group was Bad English.

That made sense. That voice was John Waite, and that guitarist was Neal Schon.

Bad English was a super-group. Super-groups are interesting phenomena. They form with hyperbolic announcements, typically release a few albums, tour, and then break-up. It’s always exciting news when one forms, as they’re well-established stars – that’s what makes them a super-group. The first album is generally well-received, but subsequent offerings, if there is one, are often stale. Think of Blind Faith, Cream, Asia, and GTR.

Bad English’s first album had a few hits. I bought it but didn’t play it much. They were more corporate-glam than I preferred. They released a second album and broke up.

Not really fond of this song, but one line, “I will be your keeper, you will hold the key, forget me not, forget me not, you belong to me,” sometimes streams in as I’m walking.

As it did today.



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