Cosfloofology (catinition) – a branch of metaphysics that deal with the study of the origin and evolution of the cat universe.

In use: “Adherents of the first cosfloofology theory believe cats are the center of the universe, around which everything else revolves. Thus, in their worldview, keeping cats happy is the first priority.”


Robert Said

I actually walk around thinking, but the gist remains true for me. That percentage? I’m not certain. It might be a little higher.


Thursday’s Theme Music

As I endured the cold and its migrations, interactions, and pain during the last few days and nights, I began assigning musical instruments and notes to my experience, thinking, how would my cold sound musically? Just something to while away the sleepless, mucus filled hours.

Doing so reminded me of “Love Reign O’er Me,” by the Who. The song begins with a thunderstorm and rain. The song is the final cut of the Who rock-opera, Quadraphenia, and marks the final act and possibly redemption of the main character after chaotic struggles with love, drugs, family, violence, and identity.

Mom bought the album for me for Christmas 1973, based on my older sister’s recommendation. Thanks, Mom and sis!


Grumewing (catfinition) – a non-stop series of half-hearted mews that sounds like a cat is grumbling under their breath.

In use: “Quinn trotted down the hall, grumewing about his late supper as he went, looking back to see if he needed to flerd his person to the feeding area.”

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